Don’t be a turkey………………..

Both Kate and me are suffering from sore necks, whilst there are some differing reasons there are two that are the same. The first came from our good news last week, I don’t know if there is an accepted medical term for the release of stress in a body that then allows ailments to develop (teachers often get sick in the holidays).

The other is the impending election. I have as an adult always voted Labour except in the odd Euro when I voted Green. I have not as I’ve grown older succumbed to the apparently common affliction of becoming right wing. I have always had a visceral hatred of the tory twats, softened occasionally by the ‘one nation tories’ or by some misguided ignorance about allowing some individual entrepreneurial spirit. I use the term misguided ignorance deliberately as if anyone cares to understand properly when countries and governments do best it is when they work together for the common good. A recent example was what the last Labour government did just after the crash of 2008, they did some classic Keynesian economic stuff and the economy was recovering nicely. Then the tory twats got in and introduced their austerity bollocks, they created a narrative, a story, that it was all Labour’s fault and they had to ‘fix’ things. They have ‘fixed’ things as they carried out naked, aggressive and downright evil class war. Demonising and degrading the welfare state, ensuring the rich have got richer and taking this benighted country back to Victorian times, actually more like feudal times.

A few examples: the very deliberate demonising and punishment of the poor and disabled especially by ignoramus dullard smear who claims for underpants, the ideological smashing of the school system (latest evidence from Sweden shows how badly their free school system has developed), privatisation of the NHS, the forensic service and royal mail, smashing legal aid, tripling university fees, doing away with worthwhile and reasonably paid public jobs with ‘pre-unionised lump labour’ (thanks Polly Toynbee), worst housebuilding for a 100 years, shitty shapps, most of the media run by tax evading and non-UK tax paying kleptos, the ONLY country still actively pursuing the already discredited austerity bollocks, the liars, the sociopaths, where private education and privilege is even more entrenched………………and so on ad finitum.

Oh but we have to stick to our economic plan, and all the turkeys gobble excitedly and peck at any of the birds who might think or speak differently. Must vote for our new national bird, have you? Some irony here as so many of us are like turkeys and christmas voting for the tory twats.

Here in South Dorset we have had a real tory twat called drax as the MP, he owns a large estate, apparently has the longest estate wall in the universe, he gets lots of welfare benefits simply for owning a lot of land, way more than the tory limit for ‘welfare benefits’ paid to poor folk. Anyway, latest figures are that it’s getting close here so any of you lovely readers who are local please vote and get family, friends and acquaintances to vote too (except if they’re tories, then just politely inform them of their ignorance).

So, the advocate of not voting, a Mr Brand of London has had a Millibandene conversion and is advocating vote Labour, except in Caroline Lucas’ seat and in Scotland. Well done Russell.

It’s now 13.41 and I’m still in bed writing this like some modern day Oscar Wilde, you arrogant ponce Duncan, and haven’t had any breakfast, let alone lunch, so will leave you with today’s Steve Bell which I absolutely love:

Steve Bell 05.05.2015

Keep on keeping on not voting tory,

love Duncan.


One thought on “Don’t be a turkey………………..

  1. Duncan, not read you for a while (sorry) but you got it so right in your summary of what has happened in the last 5 years. Brilliant.


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