Here’s to a New View, but beware the tories and a very British coup.

Hope you’ve all voted, if not there might still be time when you read this. If you’re reading this post election isn’t it brilliant/absolute bollocks  (please delete as necessary) that condom cameron is still pm.
So, had my second ‘New View’ session this morning and it really is worthwhile. It helps talking with others who’ve had similar cancer and treatment and are also at the same stage post-treatment. It’s weird but it’s only now that I’m beginning to appreciate the enormity and bollocks baggage that comes with the crabby one. We watched The C-Word (TV drama based on the book and blog of Lisa Lynch and her cancer) the other night, tears are welling just writing this, and I thought it was a stunning drama on many levels. One of the main things for me that I totally identified with were the stages and processes she went through and how hard it is communicating what you are really feeling to others, even those closest to you. How in so many ways you become disconnected from your ‘old life’, the ‘old normal’. That no matter how much you try to resist, in whatever ways you try that the crabby one redefines your life. The doctor in the New View programme uses the term ‘new normal’. And we all cope in our own ways, even the few of us on the programme are finding our own very individual ‘new normals’.
How can anyone with a conscience or any real social awareness vote tory?
Tomorrow is VE day, Victory for Ed.
Owen Jones in the NS: be afraid, very afraid  of what the tories and their cheerleaders in the media, and the kleptos and various hangers on will do to keep Ed out of No. 10.
Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.
Went straight from the programme to be a ‘teller’ outside a polling station. After I’d told a number of people how to vote the other tellers kindly informed me that it wasn’t that type of telling. The process involves asking people the numbers on their polling cards then recording them. In the olden days this information would then be used to find out who hadn’t yet voted and if they were likely to vote for your gang then someone would go to their residence to get them to vote before the polls close. I’m not sure what they’re used for now, seems like it’s just habit. 
So there I was sat between a tory and a liberal. Potentially a dangerous situation as some of you who know might appreciate. But I was on my best social behaviour, even with the gentleman who took great umbrage at our asking for his number, that it was an invasion of privacy and if there’d been a policeman he’d have had us arrested. I said that it could be a policewoman. Nick Troy was my replacement teller, wonder what activity he’ll come up with for my birthday stupid activities day. Had a brainwave yesterday for my activity, possibly very entertaining.

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