Sad day for England, farewell welfare.

So, very depressed and tired as I write this, angry at all the turkeys (how patronising you Guardian reading twat).

Still, we know who to blame for the looming financial crash.

Who’s joining me for some direct action?

La revedere to the grinning gargoyle.

Also goodbye to both Eds and cleggster.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

6 thoughts on “Sad day for England, farewell welfare.

  1. The people have spoken.
    Nearly all UK politicians mean well and are primarily concerned about providing the best services for their constituents (partly so they get re-elected). Labour have proved inept at managing the finances, so there isn’t the cash to balance the books and provide the service that all parties (perhaps other than UKIP) would like. Additionally, our electoral system is designed in part to provide a winner, so that things get done. The compromise is of course that smaller parties feel under-represented. For example UKIP have 12% of the electorate behind them but only 1 MP. It beholds the PM to listen to the representatives of these large groups of voters even if he disagrees with their views.


    1. martin, hope you’re well. The people have been duped as usual. And it’s the ‘things get done’ that worry many folk as the tories continue their class warfare. And many economists have commented on osborne and co’s ineptitude and lies re. the economy. The ‘austerity’ ‘balancing the books’ bollocks is naive but provides a simplistic narrative that sways those who can’t be arsed to do even a modicum of research. Read Krugman’s latest essay The pm will only listen if there is a ‘fairer’ electoral system, I am very anxious about what will happen.


  2. The people have spoken out of their fearful battered arses. Duped, yes, but only themselves to blame. And yes, a bad day for England, but possibly a good day for Scotland. Although I fear it makes not a jot of difference anyway apart from who is on the TV to entertain us. Nicola is quite cute. I enjoyed the resignations and the assassinations. Especially the truly vile Ed Balls (in my view an even worse thug than Irritable Dowel Syndrome), the grotesquely insincere NC and the vile Gargoyle. I am really hopeful we have reached the ‘last days’ of this nonsense. Anyone watched ‘Downfall’? I still think that BJ (ha ha) will be the last PM we ever have in this country. I really hope so – not that I support BJ obviously apart from the one time when he made Paxman look like a fucking fool. I am just hopeful for the ‘end’ and the ‘new beginning’. This country has always been the pioneer of new things. But we all have to play a part in this. If we want proper stuff to replace the corrupt jerks then we have to fight for it. We cannot rely on twats like Ed M – they simply do not have the Balls (ha ha) to make anything happen. Let’s do welfare, community support, mutual societies, public / community assets and so on. Interestingly, the Victorians were more progressive here than we are now 150 years later. Slap head! Can we? I have (actually a few weeks ago) finished DG’s Utopia of Rules – a truly impressive rant with loads of truly impressive insights. If he were not mad (which I think he might be) then he could be part of the revolution. Sorry, another rant from the ‘Angry Young Man’.


  3. PS Duncan forgot to congratulate you on your good news regarding the Cancer. It is weird, but somehow I don’t even think about it.


    1. Thanks AYM, making me laugh after a tearful listen to Springsteen. Duncansunctions will be part of a commonwealth here in little old swanage. Will check out Downfall and glad you liked the mad anarchic antropologist. Bit disconcerting listening to him talk as he keeps sniffing as if he’s done a load of coke. Here’s to the ‘New Beginning’.
      And never apologise for ranting, we need more.


  4. Bear in mind that the last English King to die on the battlefield was Richard III in 1485. Things do change.


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