Shafts of Sunshine

The clouds have gathered over England yet already there are shafts of sunshine that lighten the gloom. A big smile spread across my face as I looked at a photo of my old mate Steve winning a Green council seat in Bristol:

Stephen Clarke

Looking good Steve.

What is it with my old mates and politics of late: Steve, Mark branching out as an SNP secretary, Martin writing tory twat leaflets for the new colchester mp? Kate joined Labour yesterday, I was tempted but will wait and see what they do over the next few months. I said to Kate yesterday that someone like Harriet Harman should stay on as interim leader, stick various potential contenders on the front bench and see how they do over the next few months, especially to find out who has the best popular appeal. Sadly poor old Ed was on a loser from the start and the evil tories (Ken Livingstone agrees with me on this) exploited his apparent appearance to the hilt and it played a big part in his and Labour’s downfall (is it the last days of hitler film David?). So even though it sticks in my craw Labour need a ‘media friendly’ leader. Also during this process they need to create a ‘narrative’ that defines them. There is, and will increasingly be, a majority in this country who do actually believe in fairness, justice, true equality of opportunity, that the less able and those who suffer misfortune need support not ridicule and blame like the tories do. Oh stand on your own 2 feet the tory twats will intone; difficult when you’ve lost both legs to diabetes helped to be brought about by poor diet because the government allow multinational corporations to decide food policy and production and an increasingly run down and privatised health service can’t cope with the diabetic epidemic and your benefits have been cut like your legs and you’ve had to move into unsuitable accommodation because of the bedroom tax (or live in a caravan like drax the twat said at the hustings) and irredeemably dastardly stool spews even more bile on the poor and unfortunate.

Another shaft of sunshine was dastardly’s henchwoman mcvey losing her seat in The Wirral.

So Labour create this narrative, they blame the forthcoming economic crash on the tories, tell people what is really happening. They also stop being an inward looking and exclusive gang. They form ‘progressive’ alliances with the Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru, others of a like mind and maybe the liberals (but they have to recognise all the bad things they did crawling in with the tory twats (see what happens when you swim with sharks?)). And also some form of proportional stuff, but beware of which one.

And the dominance of a media owned and run by a very few rich and nasty people like murdoch, needs sorting.

So, a man who’s wife has used my unction on her radiotherapy ravaged skin calls it ‘the miracle cream’. Another shaft of sunshine for me.

Our garden is looking lovely and will soon be a riot of colour and scent (just green at the moment, like Bristol Council).

It’s my birthday on Monday, feels weird as I haven’t thought about it at all. But am looking forward to next Saturday’s Third Annual Day of stupid activities to celebrate. For some of my older friends we had fun when we were a lot younger and oh so much fitter spending  the day doing very sporty stuff. I can still clearly hear Mark’s voice saying “Oh no” as Caroline ( his sporting partner for the day) stopped running on the track. Such was our competitiveness. Nowadays we just have fun being silly. I look forward to people’s creations, I’ve thought of a new one that could be good.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Shafts of Sunshine

  1. Shafts of sunshine. Love it. And yes, Downfall is about the last days of Hitler’s fascist regime. I was hoping for a hung (powerless) parliament or, preferably, a hanged parliament. I think that is what they did to the Italian fascists. Now, without getting too dramatic, can you imagine the top ten Tories hanging from piano wire? No I have not been reading your diary ;-).


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