Birthday Blog (title courtesy of Grace)

Happy birthday to me, how solipsistic.

58, that’s almost 60. Sadly I didn’t organise the 57 in ’57 party last year, shame as I thought it was a good idea. I had written to Heinz the year before explaining how I was planning a ’57 party’ and would they like to be involved (Heinz 57 and all that), they kindly sent me a birthday card signed by many of their PR department but didn’t quite get what I was on about, must have been my writing to them.

One of the many things we discussed in the ‘New View’ programme last week was about how family and friends reacted to our cancers and treatments. One fellow ‘patient’ said how he was surprised by the differences between people: that those he’d thought close and good friends didn’t visit or show much support whilst others he hadn’t considered close were really helpful and supportive. I too have found this and it is upsetting, but then maybe I am being naive about people. I was certainly naive about people’s voting intentions last week!

Kate has just come in from work with a lovely bunch of flowers, one of my favourite combinations of lilies and stocks. It is one of my favourite’s because I’d bought the same bunch an hour earlier,though not the exact same bunch.

So we went for two new walks over the weekend. On Saturday we walked by your house Gay. I’d noticed the path just before Gay’s house where I do my watercolouring, it’s a stunning house in a stunning location just along from Lulworth Cove, we walked down to St Oswald’s Bay:

Good for banishing the blues.

Then on Sunday we walked from Norden Junction, near the People’s Republic of Corfe Castle, to Scotland and back across Norden Common. Now, as we walked through a wood we came across something I found intriguing. It was circular, about 20 feet across bounded by wooden pallets and camouflage netting to create a space. It was too flimsy to contain any farm animals, no sign of any remains of camp fires. There was one opening into it. My thoughts were that it was an arena for animal fighting: cocks, dogs or maybe badgers. We also noticed various ‘lookouts’, wooden steps up to small platforms in trees, dotted around and in the wood. Reckon these were lookouts posing as bird watching things but in reality lookout posts for people looking out for the fuzz and others when fights were on. Anyone local know the true nature of this ‘arena’ or am I right?

Anyway, the walk was great as in a relatively short distance, as I still can’t walk too far, it had a wide variety of terrain. And we walked through Scotland where we had a chat with a blacksmith who, with a wheelright, repaired old wagons and carriages.

Even though a short walk we still got lost:

Anyway, time to cook my birthday meal.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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