Edge over the edge and scapegoat economics.

Aching body after yesterday’s exertions but all worth it as it was a fun filled day of futility. I think everyone had a good time and amazingly all ended with exactly the same number of points, except for one participant who blew the black ball into the pocket after their shot during killer pool, I think that it was someone who did something similar many years ago that led to the introduction of the term ‘black-balled’. There is though another school of thought though who ascribe the term to some post male drinking antics and the application of black shoe polish to a certain part of the anatomy of the most comatose.  Thank you everyone who participated and made this crabby individual very happy.

So listening to Richard Wolff’s May update earlier and he used the term ‘scapegoat economics’ to describe the tory election approach. And very effective it has been, initially and then continually scapegoating Labour for ‘causing the financial crash’ and during their last tenure scapegoating all the ‘scroungers’ and ‘benefit cheats’. Then they added during the election that they’d ‘look after’ their own, so vote for them and get lower taxes, and bribes to buy homes and the like. And now we have the prospect of the next stage of their ‘scapegoat economics’ and their continued mismanagement of the economy.

Mr Wolff also informed me that not all is doom and gloom as in Alberta, the Canadian province that has been ravaged by companies extracting oil from the tar sands, has recently voted out the conservative incumbents and voted in the New Democratic Party led by Rachel Notley who are left of centre. So don’t despair and listen to the likes of the dark lord mandelson.

So, stress, what’s your take on it? For many years I’ve thought it a necessary and useful part of life and applied what I’d learnt in physics in that stress is something that can be borne it’s when there is too much stress and it causes strain that it may be bad. Now that interesting Oliver Burkeman writes that maybe our assumptions of stress being bad and a stress-free life being good might be questionable. For example national surveys have indicated countries with a more stressed population are happier than those with low stress; Mauritanians report low stress levels but are one of the most unhappy of the world’s peoples. There is even some research suggesting a reduction in stress can cause depression.

David Dimbleby was a member of the bullingdon club, is he still?

Martin has very kindly sent me lots of stuff to help me develop Duncan’sUnctions, creating a website will be tomorrow’s job.

Another thing Canadian is the edge going over the edge at a concert in Vancouver, very funny. They were singing: “I still can’t accept what a knob I am”.

And there’s the principled grinning gargoyle keeping to his word and resigning and then there he is on Question Time with bullingdon dimbleby, again, and he’s unresigned. Did you know this ‘man of the people’ has now been rejected 7 times in elections? Once as a ukipper and 6 times as a tory twat. He really is a principled gargoyle (have those 2 words ever been conjoined before?).

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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