Going postal.

See the weather’s got worse with the new tt government.

Had my last newspaper delivered last Sunday until I get my pension sorted, or I sell my business, and I feel bereft. For the last couple of days I’ve tried reading stuff online and while the occasional article grabs my attention it’s a totally different experience. There’s the constant attention seeking ads popping up all over the screen, there’s all the links that try to entice you, the comments that you start reading at the bottom of the piece. The book of the week on Radio 4 is by a journalist who went prospecting for gold in California and reading people’s comments seems to be a similar experience in that you sift through all the comments and find the occasional nugget, the rest is petty nitpicking between the commentators.

I keep getting the occasional email telling me that my duncansunctions domain/business is worth so much, currently stands at $543, what’s all that about?

Have created a website and used a template that works quite well and I think looks pretty good just a few minor problems like when you try to find it it goes to the place I bought the domain name from. I am an internet ingenue, excepting of course that I’m male and quite old. How can I use this innocence to my advantage, or is the internet world already so corrupted that I’ll just be swallowed up like a piece of plankton by a whale shark?

So, bureaucracy has always been with us humans as David Graeber informs me in his ‘The Utopia of Rules’, also that much of modern bureaucracy is based on the postal systems of Germany and the USA which in pre-corporate days were much admired and popular organisations. Since the rise of the corporations the postal services have been demonised, especially in the USA, with the aim of demonising the government/state and all it’s bureaucracy and ‘red tape’. Been quite effective, hasn’t it? Graeber quotes a book called ‘Going Postal: Rage, Murder, and Rebellion from Reagan’s Workplaces to Clinton’s Columbine and Beyond’ by Mark Ames. In the book Ames notes that in pre-neoliberal times there were no workplace rage events where workers massacred others except in slave times. Since the 1980’s and the rise of neoliberalism and it’s enforcement of impoverishing workplace conditions there has been a vast increase in these workplace rage events, they were initially called ‘going postal’ as they occurred in public companies like the post office. They soon spread to private companies. So in modern times we have an increase in such incidents, these are of course explained in terms of individual insanity and the like, as happened in slave times. Seems like we’re returning to a modern form of slavery, remember I still supply pitchforks. And the internet is now mainly the modern postal service.

Anyone else watching ‘No Offence’ on Channel 4? It’s really good.

And what’s to become of the BBC? That hotbed of lefties and liberalism. Most of the tt’s spinners and the like have come from the BBC and I don’t hear much evidence of ‘left wing bias’, on the contrary I regularly fulmigate at the radio as I listen to the presenters on the Toady programme.

Enough for now, I can no longer use this writing as a displacement activity and I must return to the coalface of the internet to expand my business empire. Do I need to also grow some stupid looking facial hair?

Walked into town for a spot of business earlier, it’s what us business types do. Within a short while my legs were ‘fizzing’, this firing/regeneration of chemo damaged nerves at the bottom of my thigh muscles. This time it started happening more than normal with the occasional ‘wave of fizzing’, felt very weird.

Did my watercolour class yesterday, discovered that what might seem to be the relatively simple task of doing a large mass of blue sky is easily the hardest thing I’ve yet attempted.

Finished the first incarnation of my website, quite pleased with my efforts just need to sort actually getting it on the internet, a minor problem. Mustn’t develop workplace rage in my own home now.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

2 thoughts on “Going postal.

  1. D& I happy to help with interweb issues – looked for Kate’s the other day but it didn’t come up on google..? You’ll have missed News Quiz today on R4 at 12.30 – a delight – Mark Steel at his roaring raging ranting best – you couldn’t have said it better yourself! Now the Beeb will definitely get it in the neck. Catch it on iplayer.
    Desperately missing some decent european saturday night viewing – tedious political wrangling no substitute for sunny bittersweet sicily.

    Interesting fizzing stories – we must compare notes. Hope it’s all good re-awakening for the battered cells. xxxx


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