Due process

Woken up again to no update with regard to my pension, a process I began in early February and still don’t have the forms to send to Teacher’s Pensions. So I sent a little poem by email to some company people:

Due process?

15 weeks?

More like

Undue process.

We complain about ‘due process’ and increasing bureaucracy and ‘red tape’ and much of it is directed at the state and it’s local representatives. Little is made of the bureaucratic bollocks and ‘due process’ employed by the ‘efficient’ private companies which is worse than state and public institutions. So I’ve created what I think is a pretty nifty website. Trouble is I can’t work out how to ‘activate’ it and get it ‘online’. I have emailed the website builder company I’ve signed up with a number of times with a variety of questions and have only received automated replies so far. Is this their ‘due process’?

Why don’t we have a rewind button? I thought of something really interesting to write a few minutes ago and it’s disappeared. Where do these thoughts go to?

So, now it’s late afternoon and I’ve received a report from the occupational health doctor who’s amended his original report based on my consultant’s report. It’s more supportive but still quite a lot of fence sitting, hopefully will be enough but I can still see initial rejection looming and an appeal process, although …………Always look on the bright side.

What are the odds on on Milliband D being Labour leader come the next election?

Shorter odds on kim il grinning gargoyle still dominating the ukippers.

Well, it comes to something when that Mr Steve Hilton, former condom adviser, writes a book that includes such stuff as: “Our democracies are increasingly captured by a ruling class that seeks to perpetuate it’s privileges”, “outrageous that we should tolerate a situation where people work incredibly hard yet can’t earn enough to live on” and suggests that for a cut in business tax, companies pay a living wage. Didn’t hear anything like this from Labour pre-election and likewise from the ‘leadership candidates’. Any chance they will?

Still missing me Grauniad, at least had the New Statesman today and I’ve read almost all of it already. It feels good holding real paper, even though it’s a magazine.

Cooking a paella tonight, have already made a pudding called vla, it’s Dutch. Got the idea of making it from a fellow crabber at yesterday’s new view do, also gave him a pot of unction for him to try. I’ll miss the new view do when it finishes in 2 week’s time. Kate says I’ve been noticeably less snappy and angry, which is good.

Kate coping well with Jaike’s impending departure for Australia, we’re having visits from various family members and a beach party next weekend.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Due process

  1. I am sorry to hear about the bureaucratic difficulties you are experiencing. I hope it all gets sorted soon. I know of a man in the USA called Kent Hovind who is experiencing bureaucratic difficulties at the moment. Kent Hovind, a Baptist minister, has been in jail for 8 years and I believe that he is innocent. He has recently had his charges dropped but is still in jail for bureaucratic reasons i.e. the paperwork is taking long to be completed due to red tape. I usually look at the following sites for updates on his situation.



    I noticed that you mentioned that you might have cancer and I thought you might find the following links interesting.


    “Cancer ‘Dying to Have Known’ – Independent Feature Documentary About the Gerson Cure for Cancer.wmv”

    Kind regards,


  2. Priscilla, thanks for your comments and links.I was diagnosed with cancer last september and the last scan showed the cancer to have gone for now. I have read about and written about the gerson therapy and remain sceptical. The documentary is persuasive in anecdotal terms, I remain though the sceptical scientist, I am also very sceptical about drug companies and other big corporates (the kleptos as I’ve dubbed them). I remain a ‘truth seeker’ looking through my skeptic glasses.


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