Still no joy with appearing, but will set up selling the stuff in a local health food shop this week. Seems like we’ll be using faceache now as it is good for Kate keeping in touch with Jaike who’s arrived safely in Bali, and it may well be good for her business.

My ‘fizzing’ legs seem to be abating, unfortunately my left knee is not and made an appointment with GP to get it seen, made telephone call on 1st June and first available appointment is the 30th June. So, listening to the lovely hunt talk about the NHS and how so much is spent on ‘agency’ staff. Now ‘agency’ staff are typically provided by private companies. Drugs are typically provided by private drug companies and also cost the NHS a great deal, and of course we regularly hear about how patients can’t have certain drugs because they’re ‘too expensive’. So a theme develops and it is of profiteering by private companies. Now despite what folk might think I am not totally against private companies, a mixed economy is probably the healthiest. What I am against is what has evolved in recent times where the myth of the ‘free market’, the neoliberal late model capitalism model or whatever you want to call it, has skewed things so much towards big banks, multinational corporations and their obsession with ‘the bottom line’. It’s all of a piece when you put things together to include the emasculation of the political parties, the power of corporate lobbying, the domination of the media by the likes of murdoch, that we are ‘informed’ mainly by ‘right wing think tanks’, that these large corporations and financial institutions cream off the ‘brightest’ at our top universities to work in their nefarious cults, that we hear next to nothing in mainstream media about any alternatives, that any wrongdoing by members of these cults is barely registered let alone punished, that whole countries can be hoodwinked by mythical stories such as ‘our long term economic plan’ along with ‘dogwhistle’ scaremongering and demonisation of certain groups, that a child’s life chances are pretty much decided at birth, that people like gove and ineffably dubious shit exist and inhabit the corridors of relative power, that misogyny and racism are still so prevalent, that we have daily mantra like prayers to the footsie and the pound, chelsea and moanrinho……………..but lo, what star suddenly shines. fifa officials arrested, blatter resigns (although not immediately) and he may yet be arrested.

So, the reason given by the tts and ukip for not lowering the voting age for the coming eu referendum is that they weren’t allowed to vote in the latest general election. By that same logic, if such could actually be applied to that argument, women, non-landowners, non-members of the aristocracy would also have never got the vote. Twats.

So, I’ve just had a phone call from a council worker with regard to our claim for some poll tax relief at dead on 11 a.m. I was told yesterday that she would phone at 11 and the whole process is proceeding at a pace that would befuddle the private companies that are dealing with my pension stuff. But of course public institutions are far less efficient than private ones, it’s what we’re told so regularly so it must be true.

So, Grace is quite ill on Monday with sore throat, fever etc. She was finding it really hard to concentrate on revising for her last AS exam for the next day. I call the school to be informed there are no resits and if she misses just the one exam then she will have to wait until next year to take it again! All we can do is take her to the doctor and get a sick note and the school will then inform the examining body and maybe she will get dispensation. But she still has to take the exam. I take her to the doctor who confirms her illness, takes a swab to test for infection and writes a sick note. Despite being ill Grace takes the exam, does so in a separate room because, as she says, she doesn’t want to infect others.

This is all madness, especially as AS level exams are not being scrapped as I previously thought, but are being ‘decoupled’ which means they won’t count towards the final A level result. So Grace would have had to wait until next year to take just 1 exam to be able to continue her studies, at which time the exam would no longer count towards her final result. Madness.  Now the tts continually pronounce that they want to ‘devolve’ power to school level, yet when I call the school I’m told they have no say in the matter, that power is held centrally within the department for education. Oh how the myths abound.

Anyway, after I picked up poor Grace after taking the exam she looks in the car mirror and exclaims that her throat is black. There is a black patch on the side of her throat. I take her again to the doctors and he says that it’s a part of her tonsils that have died, they were so swollen that there was no blood flow so that part died. Now there’s an analogy as the schools and teachers are denied the blood like flow of real autonomy they too die little by little as the ideal of a truly comprehensive and fair education system dies with it. At times like this I feel so relieved to be no longer part of such a system, sad really.




Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Myths

  1. Poor poor Grace. Do hope the throat will heal? unction time? Curious sympathy with her dad’s condition…. matter over mind? Questions questions easier than answers…. mainly WHY are so many people taken in by lies lies damned lies.

    And don’t get me started on dentists….. market free-for-all really known as free-for-no-one.
    love to all xxx


  2. Grace is fine now and I’ve yet to develop an internal unction. I think it’s a familial throat thing, Grace was also tongue tied. I’d need to write a lengthy blog, even a short thesis, to try and explain why so many are seduced by the myths and lies. Good to have you commenting again Jo after a hiatus, x


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