Say it ain’t so Mo.

Already it’s one of my favourite blog titles and I’ll explain more later for those non-plussed.

Feeling some mixed emotions as it’s a beautiful day, I’m about to go into the garden to plant some more plants I’ve bought, but don’t tell Kate. I think I need some treatment for my obsessive plant buying. Have to go now as osborne is on the radio.

The lawn is finally looking good, it dies off each winter even with lots of tlc and I have to sow loads of grass seed and stuff to coax it back again. And I’m a little sad because it was the last of the New View programme with a winding up and review session. We’re going to stay in contact. The essence of the programme is that people who’ve experienced similar shit simply get together with some facilitators and simply talk about what’s happened, what is happening and how we feel. It’s simplicity is it’s power and a powerful sense of camaraderie quickly evolved, all said how much they appreciated the opportunity.

One element is that as survival rates and remission times improve there is greater need for this, looking beyond the simple medical model of treatment and at what post-cancer life looks like. We ranged over many aspects and maybe even made suggestions that might improve things for those that follow. I reflected on my experiences at the 6 weekly outpatient check-ups and particularly how I was really anxious at my last one even though I pretty much knew that I’d be getting scan results to confirm the cancer’s eradication. These check-ups are held in an outpatient clinic, have always been busy and typically involve waits of at least half an hour up to 2 hours. It is in the place where we were all given our initial diagnoses. It is in a place where we are surrounded by people at many different stages of the process of illness and treatment. At the last one I was even more acutely aware of this, I’m sure we all pick up each others fears and anxieties and I don’t think it’s good for everyone to be lumped together like this, there should be clinics held in different places at different times. The doctor said that staff think that these Tuesday’s are really stressful as well, so definitely needs rethinking.

Have just read a Will Self article and for the first time in a little while came across a word I had no idea of it’s meaning, couldn’t even make an educated guess. Ensorcelled. How many of you have come across this word? Means to bewitch, enchant or fascinate. Think it might slip into my usage because I am a pretentious twat. But I like to think that I ensorcell some!

Had a chat with the physio at New View about rugby, she used to play in London. The doctor then joined the conversation and he’s my age and also played. We spoke about Rosslyn Park and mutual acquaintances culminating in him asking if I knew John Inverdale, dear old Invers, who the doctor had played with at Southampton University, my old schoolmate Brian Corbin was at Southampton at the same time. Small world eh? Anyway Invers and I played together at Esher at the end of my rugby career, he supported me in my bid for club captaincy. When I first mooted the idea a fair few of my team mates and some older club members were also supportive. As time passed certain committee members kept trying to dissuade me as they had plans to get an Ex-Esher player called Andy Cooke back to the club along with a bunch of new players and his reward would be the captaincy. Now as many of you might know I’m an old fashioned democrat and wanted democracy to happen. The night before the AGM and the captaincy vote the chairman telephoned and asked if I was still intending to stand. I said yes and he said I’d need a shadow committee in waiting as all the committee would resign if I were elected!

Anyway they got their way as there were a lot of old members dragged out and my name was besmirched much to the disgust of my mates like Juan, Paul and John Inverdale. Still what would you expect of a rugby club and in Esher to boot. Anyway Andy Cooke was none too impressed when he learnt what had happened but we got on well.

So, sadly, no more New View.

Anyway good news about FIFA falling apart, many of them squealing like hogs. Fun to witness. And so to Mo as in Farah. His coach is Alberto Salazar who’s just been fingered for doing druggie things with his athletes who include Mo. In the 1920’s a baseball player, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, was rumoured to have taken part in a player conspiracy to lose the 1919 World Series for his team the Chicago White Sox. His fans would chant “Say it ain’t so Joe”. So “say it ain’t so Mo” is my plaintive call.

Murray Head wrote a song called “Say it ain’t so Joe” in the 70’s, he also did “One night in Bangkok”!

Thinking of drugs excellent piece by Owen Jones in today’s Grauniad, well I think it’s today’s paper as I read it online so my temporal awareness is out of whack, about the load of bollocks that is the ‘war on drugs’ (not the band Mike). So go online to check and Owen’s going on about Jeremy Corbyn standing for Labour leader. Now he’s a proper socialist and someone I’d support, he’d be crucified by the mainstream/right wing media but………………It could be a proper opposition, a proper alternative to the neoliberal bollocks. Trouble is it’s still within the constraints of our dysfunctional system. Anyway interesting comment here in relation to his standing and especially with regard to money: (it’s highlighted down the comments a bit after Owen’s piece). So you tts can you respond to BeTrueForAll’s comment on money? I’m going to learn a little more about this and regularly introduce ‘fiat money’ when discussing economics with the mythical tts.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS just played ‘One night in Bangkok’, I’d forgotten how shit it is.

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