Feculent ‘new’ comedy.

Writing this in the fervent hope it clears my befuddled brain. I’ve been complaining for a while that I have ‘chemo-brain’, now can this be the case considering I had my last dose of chemo in early December, 6 months ago? I and the others on the New View programme all said that we had difficulties with memory, concentration and other mental faculties. Mine seem to have worsened in the last few days, today I have a ‘lowering of my forehead’, whatever that means. Yesterday as I was driving I said to Kate that I should take more care driving as my mind seems to be ‘wandering’ more than usual. There was also a smell I found unsettling that seemed to be in many different places, haven’t experienced it yet today. Perhaps I’m going mad.

Poor Kate has been quite unwell lately but still drags herself off to work whilst I lie abed with the vapours. She seems to be recovering, but it is slow.

Just listened to a ‘new’ radio sketch show which claimed to be ‘innovative’ and the like, a bunch of smiley-faced young things calling themselves ‘so on and so forth’. One of them said at the start that if they didn’t make us laugh at least once then they’d pay our licence fee. Well, I want my licence fee paid for. I needed to read Stewart Lee’s latest to restore my comedic balance.

But then I read a piece about ineffably distasteful shit and it is so disconcerting, and not good for my mental befuddlement to see my name in print, and about someone with the same name who is so feculent. There you go again Duncan with your flatulent verbiage, but lo, what do I read in the comments about the deaf ids but a new word to me: corvee which means: Corvée, or statute labour, is unpaid labour imposed by the state on certain classes of people. Or slave labour. Which makes me think that surely the slave trade was an example of ‘globalisation’? Globalisation is bandied around as if it’s a relatively modern term but surely since peoples travelled the world there has been global trade? Can anyone enlighten me?

And thinking of business just read some of the stuff on your website David, and it’s brilliant: http://optimalcompliance.com/philosophy/   Check it out you others. Liked the idea of the online accountancy bunch – xero. We have more accountants in this country than the rest of the e.u. put together. And most will be involved in tax evasion, and like David writes and I agree with, let’s stop having the bollocks that is the artificial difference between avoidance and evasion, it’s all evasion. I know and think I understand your position on tax David, and certainly agree that much of it is a scam to keep the money flooding up to the kleptos, but what about a land tax?

So sad to see the tts already tearing themselves apart over Europe. Now I think the Euro and it’s associated stuff isn’t working, especially for the poorer nations. One natural human response is for migration from poorer to richer nations which fuels the ukip bollocks (will the grinning gargoyle be always with us?). And also the tts banging on about the sanctity of national determination. And yet we need some sort of supra-national organisation/s (and it should be the UN but it’s very dysfunctional) to check multinationals, tax evasion, legalise drugs, counter the misogynistic, racist and other naughty behaviour of various groups and individuals and u2.

Still it is very funny witnessing the tts behaviour over Europe, condom already flip-flopping.

keep on keeping on, love Duncan


One thought on “Feculent ‘new’ comedy.

  1. Before we talk about a land tax we need to question the concept of land ownership. Just as with the ‘history of taxation’ this is another tale of thuggery and theft. Except that land is real whereas money is not. In fact Jesus had a novel response on the question of tax. Basically, he said they (the thugs) created the stuff in the first place so you might as well give the shit back to them when they ask for it. I suppose we need to stop using money to totally undermine the Kleptos who created it. I don’t yet have the solution to the replacement of money and the whole issue of land rights. Needs a bit of thought. It is clear the present system is not right – both from what we see today and how we got here. It is also clear that the start point is not ‘changing what we have’, but creating something new from first principles. Assume there is no money and no land rights – a fresh start.


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