The Big Lie.

Feeling the usual morning discombobulation, although a little more acute this particular morning. We need to sort a relatively minor detail regarding our poll tax benefit claim but I was unable to understand. Kate started to explain but I had to ask her to stop as it felt overwhelming and I didn’t want to get angry in reaction. I then thought a little and realised that it was about external stuff that I have less control over , in this case Kate simply talking to me, and my befuddled brain’s current inability to cope. I tried to explain this to Kate and I think she understood, I contrasted it with reading. When reading, even quite complex material, I am in control in that I can stop reading, re-read or look up explanatory intelligence. It is most acute in the mornings and when I’m tired.

Mornings remain the same, whilst my mouth is dry it is getting easier, but waking takes a while. As I’ve written before even after a long night’s deep sleep I awake feeling the same, there is no sense of feeling refreshed. It must be hard for others to appreciate.

2 days later now and it’s early evening. Just had a beer in our now glorious little garden.

I’ve been thinking about the EU and the impending referendum. I’m not sure how I am going to vote. Many years ago, actually in 1975, we had our first referendum on the issue and it was my first vote. Being a socialist of sorts I listened mainly to the likes of Tony Benn and voted against. Accidental italicisation there, but it works! And I am still of the opinion that the current formulation of the EU is muchly for the benefit of the kleptos and multinationals; poor old Greece is certainly suffering from their austere bollocks for example. Also they didn’t do much about FIFA did they? Or about thieving bankers. The Labour line is going to be predictable and pro-EU. I’m certainly not agreeing with the grinning gargoyle but it is the case that ‘metropolitan types’ will cast all those voting against as ‘little englanders’. It feels like a very corporate coup, another development in the ‘globalisation process’. For example the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP) is a very shady deal concocted by the kleptos ( check out what it will mean for the NHS) and is very much being pushed by the EU leaders, they are very happy doing deals on the quiet.

Prescient piece by William Keegan: I like the way he calls osborne and the tts blaming of Labour for the last big crash the Big Lie. Trouble is the gloating tts, and osborne in particular, are implementing more dodgy economics.

David, I am increasingly in agreement with you, especially over the kleptos and tax, and that they stole and continue to steal land. Thing is if there is a land tax then there’d soon be a lot of land going spare (isn’t this what is happening in Scotland Mark?) and we, the people, can take the land back for the common wealth. Also the problem with money; I remember talking with folk  when I was only 18 at my first rugby club and the possibility of getting rid of money, they couldn’t comprehend. Maybe those oh so intelligent superbrains in silicon valley could create an algorithm that distributes goods fairly to everyone and we could spend our time on more useful things in life instead of, as one paypal multibillionaire (Peter Thiel) is trying to do, researching eternal life.

So who would have thought it, me agreeing with a pope. He’s releasing a ‘letter’ on Thursday in which he will call for an end to the “tyrannical exploitation of nature by mankind.” Predictable response from Yankee republicans and also:  “Stephen Moore, a Catholic economist, called the pope a “complete disaster”, saying he was part of “a radical green movement that is at its core anti-Christian, anti-people and anti-progress”. Actually being the pope he’s not a “complete disaster”, he’s a catholic.



Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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