Mary Poppins paedophile nightmare.

Different start to my day as I very sleepily started going downstairs, slipped and slid painfully down. Some pain, no obvious damage apart from that painful embarrassment which comes from falling over. Now is it part of ageing, being half asleep or ‘chemo-brain’? Either way I woke up quicker than normal.

Just heard on the news that the chump trump is standing for president.

Had my 6 weekly check up today and while driving there I started to think about doing some more research; using what I learnt doing my MPhil (research methods) in researching the efficacy (or otherwise) of programmes like New View with regard to recovering from cancer/cancer treatment. I’ll be a doctor yet! And yet I’ve written about there being no titles, more dilemma.

Anyway was given the continuing all clear, had the horrible camera stuck down my nose again. Talked about my ‘fizzing legs’, the doctors hadn’t heard of it before but we put it down to another chemo side effect. Likewise my continuing mental discombobulation, ‘chemo brain’.

Now with Kate’s urging I treated myself to a copy of the Grauniad, it felt good. Also felt a little weird as I’ve gone cold turkey for the longest spell in many years. Completely distracted me reading it in the waiting room, so much so that I didn’t notice anyone sat around me until I looked up briefly and saw an old workmate from the school. He was with a student on a hospital appointment, they were then joined with another staff member I knew well. We talked about the school and the many shortcomings of the company that own it. Unfortunately an elderly man sat between us took umbrage and then took himself and his umbrage to the other side of the waiting room. One of the blokes spoke about a student who’d been in my class who I had found fascinating and was still trying to work him out when the crabby one struck. He related a tale about how one morning this student had awoken in a disturbed state, eventually he asked this student what was up: “Mary Poppins paedophile nightmare” was the reply! I so miss shit like this, never a day would pass without something happening that made me laugh, wonder or be amazed.

Grace and Ruby are on their way back now with Kate having had their bellies pierced, hope they don’t leak.

Editorial in the Grauniad about the ‘class ceiling’, it ends thus: “Few recruiters see a business case for doing things differently, but then – until competition forces recourse to unpolished talent, they wouldn’t would they?” Deep irony eh? Maybe the Labour party should adopt the idea of the ‘top’ 2 students from every school for the ‘top’ universities?

Last year 70% of ‘top’ job offers went to those who’d been to private or selective schools, that is about 11% of the whole population. Fair eh? Really is still the ‘old school tie’. Remember my tale of when I went for the captaincy at Esher rugby club? My rival began by saying which school he’d attended, surprisingly it wasn’t a secondary modern or a comprehensive, funny that.

Listening to the radio today when they were discussing European countries taking in refugees and the like and they focused on Poland which is now a remarkably homogenous country. One polish woman said that any immigrants should believe in god but not allah!

Time for another Kliban, this one to celebrate royal ascot:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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