Let’s go sorrel hunting.

So I get yet another email back today from the occupational health company informing me that they haven’t received any of my emails trying to send them a copy of my consultant’s amended report. But then I wonder how did they know to reply informing me they haven’t received emails? I call them on the old fashioned landline, get straight through and it’s recommended that I send a ‘hard copy’ through the old fashioned postal service. As I’m doing a copy to send to them I have the bright idea of sending a copy via email to the school’s HR department but their email system won’t allow me to make any attachments! I shout and swear loudly, almost hurl the computer across the room, poor Kate is alarmed and calms me, suggesting I send the letter ‘guaranteed next day delivery’, it costs over £6. Is it a conspiracy against me? Of course there is no one person I can blame and it’s tempting to start blaming oneself. No modern company or individual representing their company will accept any responsibility, it’s the modern way. And then we get the likes of the corpulent Jabba the Hut like sorrell pronouncing to all and sundry how things are and should be as his ilk, the marketing lies ilk, who act only to promote the interests of the kleptos and their fucked up capitalist system that is rapidly in the process of subjugating the whole human race to their bollocks. The parameters within which any debate happens in our modern world are so narrow, defined by those ‘free marketeers’, ‘neoliberals’, tts (who are only just lackeys), such that almost all debate is so desiccated it only continues to shackle us within a system that dehumanises and offers little that is worth looking forward to. Oh that all we can aspire to is to be a ‘hardworking family’, an ‘aspirational striver’, merely aspiring to be what?

Well, that’s got that off my chest after my little explosion earlier. This writing lark does help.

So, I had to write a comment on Grauniad online, despite my current ‘pre-moderated’ status to the following article:

Greece is a sideshow. The eurozone has failed, and Germans are its victims too

And it wasn’t moderated! It was:

“Of course we understand the present through studying and understanding the past. Unfortunately too many only have any understanding through the warped prisms of our current dominant forces (murdoch media comes to mind). What we don’t have are the agora where we can have full and open debate and allow the people to have a greater say in their existence. Mr Wilde, for example, had an interesting take a fair while ago in his essay “The Soul of Man under Socialism”. Sadly we now have the likes of the desiccated IMF dominating discourse and the ‘rule of the market’. Sad days.”

More locally run agora I say.

Sadly not going to my painting day for the foreseeable future, too many other things going on that I find committing myself to going every Tuesday difficult. Had a lovely reply from Gay.

Had my first viewing from Turkey yesterday, adds to the long list now of the different countries I’ve been viewed in.

HaHa, Scottish landowners squealing about the changes to land ownership in Scotland, lets extend it and have more common wealth. Land ownership in Scotland is still feudal. I’d like to set up shoots on land where people can hunt kleptos and the like. I think hunts with sorrel as the game would be fun.

keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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