Had quite an unsettling experience yesterday as I somewhat absently stuffed a little too much toast in my mouth. A little while later the large bolus at the back of my throat started to make me choke, brought tears to my eyes, triggered a coughing fit. These little reminders I get every now and then.

Watching Newsnight and discussion of Greece and how an apparent agreement on Monday has been amended by the imf, the ecb and other money fucks and a new alliterative acronym came to me: the ffs, the financial fucks. These ffs have increased their power over the last few decades, national governments are powerless. As Richard Wolff stated there is “something obscene” about a country who had their debts reduced to a minimal amount after the war who now insist on another country paying their ‘debts’. This is what Germany is doing to Greece. Strange that another country with ‘financial problems’, Ukraine, is getting financial aid because it’s ‘political’ as they are now a ‘bulwark’ against Russia. And, of course, it’s no coincidence that with Syriza having been democratically voted in they are being made an example of because they are perceived and portrayed as ‘very left wing’ (oh how easily the powerful and their media mouthpieces distort). So watch out any other country that might think about voting ‘left’, Spain and Podemos come immediately to mind. The ffs are in control, excuse me while I listen and give prayer to the hourly mantra of stock indices and money rates.

There is a very simplistic morality tale being played out here, somewhat ironic as the ancient Greeks gave us so much with their drama, philosophy, learning and the like, that the modern Greeks have been ‘greedy’ and ‘feckless’, living ‘the high life’, ‘maxing out’ on credit and now need to pay. Because the ffs and the kleptos aren’t like this, are they? They are so parsimonious with their pay and conditions. Sorry, have to listen to reports on the bond markets.

Also heard from Mr Wolff about how the ffs and kleptos are having ever taller apartment blocks built with views over Central Park which is having the effect of increasingly blocking the sun. Apparently even in summer there is shadow in the park from 4 in the afternoon. So they are even reducing the amount of sun ordinary folk, flora and fauna get in the one significant bit of greenery in Manhattan. How ignorant and obscene these kleptos are.

Oh Duncan, you’re getting so boring, endlessly banging on about the ffs and kleptos, lighten up, think and write about the good things in life. The sun is shining, I hear birds singing, our garden is a lovely little oasis with well over a hundred lilies about to bloom, has such a small garden ever grown so many lilies? I am trying to create a sensual delight: we’ve put in various solar powered lights, all the flowers are attracting more bees and birds, there is now so much to look at, there are hopefully many scents to smell (especially now that there’s no bare ground so the cats can’t shit anywhere, I am still going to get a very powerful water pistol and shoot the fuckers, now stop that Duncan, you were doing so well, take your medication and make a cup of tea). We have a magnolia tree which Kate bought me for my previous house, I planted it there and when we moved transplanted to this house. It is now quite a large tree and has large cream coloured flowers that bloom in the summer (not your usual magnolia blooming in early spring) and smell so sweet and ambrosial.

The occupational health bunch have the GP’s report, my consultant’s amended report and hopefully their medical person will amend his report and they can finally send stuff off to Teacher’s Pensions, but I’m not holding my breath yet. So maybe I’ll be getting that ‘gold plated pension’ that us public servants get. If ours are ‘gold plated’ what does that make the ceos and their ilk’s pensions?

Read an email from work last week about the fraught procedure that happens every year at the school around this time when the next academic year’s classes and staffing are sorted. As I’m not part of it I can observe from afar and have a modicum of objectivity. It is clear that the process could be managed better so I sent an email with some observations and thoughts. Surprisingly there has been no reply or further emails about the subject, in fact I received no emails at all on my work email for over 2 days which started making me a little paranoid (especially after my recent experience trying to send stuff to the occupational health people) so much so that I asked Mike to send me a test email, it came through and this is what he wrote:

“You are not a number, you are a free man.You are not a number, you are a free man.You are not a number, you are a free man.You are not a number, you are a free man.You are not a number, you are a free man.You are not a number, you are a free man.You are not a number, you are a free man.​…..

No. 9
Learner “
See that Kenneth Branagh said that playing Wallander left him in a “permanent, acceptable state of anxiety”.
So the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary eh? That twerking is so meh.
So, in the new spirit of meh:
keep on keeping on, if you can be bothered, love Duncan.

3 thoughts on “Meh.

  1. I think I can safely say that all of us ‘over emotional! education colleagues, were very grateful for your email; some of us even fighting our consciences in wondering whether or not to send a reply. Yours was perfect, so a very big Thank-you x


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