Let’s hear it for naiveity.

Just revisiting Sticky Fingers, some haunting, beautiful songs and suddenly some twat calling himself keith lemon interrupts my listening to flog something or other. Encapsulates the crassness of our financialised world. The ffs corruption of our world knows no bounds, time for some reclamation work.

Lovely piece by Ed Smith in the New Statesman extolling the current New Zealand cricket team, http://www.newstatesman.com/lifestyle/2015/06/kiwi-cricket-team-thrilled-us-because-they-tried-recapture-naivety-childhood-games they are playing in a way he describes as ‘gloriously uplifting’ because they are playing in a psychologically naive way, trying to recapture that childhood excitement, to play with freshness and exuberance. As their captain says “to retain a link with their inner child”. Picasso said “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” It seems to have rubbed off on England and they are playing some wonderful cricket as well, bring on the Aussies. Anyway, mustn’t let blind patriotism lure me as Mr Smith then quotes Stendahl:

“The happy few . . . are those who remain emotionally alive, who never compromise, who never succumb to cynicism or the routine of the second-hand . . . The happy few possess what Baudelaire calls “impeccable naïveté”, the ability to see the world always afresh, either in its tragedy or its hope.”

Perhaps we could do with a hefty dose of naivety in our world to counter the dead hand of ‘financialisation’ and the calculated cynicism of modern managerialism, as well as the apparently increasing hatred spreading through the spores of racism, bigotry and fear of the other.

See some Americans are threatening to move to Canada after legalization of gay marriage, they legalized gay marriage in Canada 10 years ago!

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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