However you look at things, trying to impose grammatical rules often just makes you look pompous. So when you look like a duck as well you may well appear as a grandiose gressingham. Gove the grandiose gressingham.

So someone who keeps using so at the beginning of sentences, even paragraphs, is really beyond the pale.

Kate and I did a garage sale today. After deducting advertising costs we made £1.30, works out at about 13p/hour, soon be joining the kleptos. First couple of hours it rained intermittently, we got pretty slick putting on the covers just like at Wimbledon. Kate very excited at it starting tomorrow, I tried to get a ticket for her through the ‘lottery’ they run, no luck. Quite impressed that I did this during November/December last year. Just noticed in the paper that my old mate John Inverdale isn’t presenting Wimbledon next week, it’s Clare Balding. Wonder if she’ll say that Judy Murray thought Andy will never be a looker, better teach him tennis.

However do they do it?

So, bought a new chef’s knife, it’s lethal. My poor left hand is being cut to ribbons. Taking me longer to cook as I am so careful chopping and cutting.

Had a bit of belly ache yesterday and part of me wondered “is this stomach cancer?”

However do the eu, the ecb and other ffs expect the Greeks to behave if all they offer them is even more straitened times and don’t allow their government to do what they were mandated at the last election. How dare they offer up a referendum to the people, how dare they offer some semblance of actual democracy. The tts here impose their mandate on us, and more besides such as even more anti-union bollocks which wasn’t even in their manifesto.

However, as I continue the process of adapting to my ‘new normal’ I wonder with trepidation at the new normal for ever increasing numbers of women to have ‘work done’ on their bodies, especially faces. As Karen Kay (now there’s a good alliterative name) writes in today’s Observer: “the Stepford-style masses are becoming the acceptable face of womanhood”. I don’t move in social circles where women have stuff done, but it must be weird to keep seeing people you know have ever changing faces. It must be the case that they start becoming different people to you. Do they become different people to themselves as they look in the mirror and see a different face? I find it very sad as it’s reinforcing the ideal that women have to ‘look a certain way’, the pressure is increasing on women to look younger, ‘beach ready’ or whatever. But that’s another consequence of our capitalist world. I began writing more about this, particularly about Felicity Kendal, but have refrained as it’s not fair. The pressures on men are nowhere near the same (even though more men are having monkey bollocks injected into their faces) and I feel I can’t comment any more.

Kate very kindly bought me a paper this morning and it is a rare treat nowadays (thanks again Gillian and Mark for giving me your Grauniad last weekend). Will Hutton’s piece has this headline: “As long as we are divided by our education system, Britons will never grow equally”, enough said.

However there is more evidence of our unequal society as official files of police investigations of child abuse at that private school north of the border called gordonstoun, where our royal benefit scroungers (who’ve just had another benefits increase) send their male sprogs, have ‘gone missing or been destroyed’. Funny that. Now that wouldn’t happen in a state school, still if parents are happy sending their offspring to such institutions…………………………………

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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