Is there a link between slavery and prince george’s new playhouse?

Well it is a to do with Mr Jeremy as he surges ahead much to the chagrin of old new labourites. It doesn’t take long in historical terms for new orthodoxies to take hold and make old orthodoxies seem tired and out of date. Especially in our increasingly technological communication age. And it’s not that people forget but that they’ve never actually known. So Mr Jeremy is getting a lot of support and interest from young folk. They hear from the new labour dinosaurs about Mr Jeremy being an ‘old left winger’ and the like, but the young don’t actually know what this means. Then when they hear him talk about socialist things like nationalisation of public utilities, free education and taxing the rich it’s stuff they haven’t heard before and they think. And a wonderful answer from a 14 year old Labour Party member (14 is the age people can join the party) when asked why he was voting for Mr Jeremy: “Because I believe in socialism and he is the only socialist,” brilliant.

Soon the tts will look like the new labour dinosaurs and it will be so lovely seeing them berating the populace who just see them naked and ugly. And we will just mock them. Just had a disturbing image of tricky dicky’s dick.

And the old new labourite Liz Kendall says she will not serve in a Mr Jeremy cabinet. Very childish. Just like the time I stood for captaincy of Esher rugby club, which I mentioned a while ago, and the chairman told me to have a shadow committee in waiting as they’d all resign if I won.

We are not a ‘mature democracy’, we are an ossified, immature and very unequal country with a load of grubby men (it is still mainly men) who in their cocoon of entitlement can’t entertain losing their power and position.

Still 40%.

And whilst I’m on the subject of bureaucracy watched the second episode of the slavery programme (which focused on the massive compensation given to slave owners and you can check out the University College slavery website: and learnt that there were only 8 people who administered the massive compensation scheme. Also that for the first time ever they used a claim form that was the same for everyone. This upset many of the entitled ones who were just used to the ‘my word is my bond’ bollocks and just keep it between gentlemen. So all our modern bureaucratic bollocks started with slavery compensation. And still we are ruled by tts, kleptos and dick the spic.

Spic is a pretty offensive term apparently derived from ‘spiggoty’ which is a corruption of ‘no spik ingleses’. It originated in Central America/Caribbean so links with dick’s ancestral roots in Barbadian slavery.

See the second latest addition to the benefit scrounging windsors, george, has just had a present of a playhouse worth £18,000. And still no compensation for the ancestors of slaves.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Mr Jeremy manifesto 1: bring on republicanism.


super pacs and reclaiming dick’s land.

So I mentioned ‘task tracker’, a feature of the Teachers Pensions website that shows the ‘progress’ of your ‘claim’, to Mike Hector yesterday and he laughed. Mike began his pension journey last November and he’s already on his third task tracker. He was informed this week that there is a form B that needs completing. To those people who are lost in the Kafkaesque labyrinth of a bureaucracy to be suddenly presented with a ‘form B’ is serious headbanging territory. Latest research has linked ‘form B’ with an increasing suicide rate.

My ‘progress tracker’ has progressed to 40%. Note the Orwellian use of progress, the active use of this word to deliberately give us unfortunates the impression of ‘moving forward’.

So, moving forward, it’s good to know that angry young man is on the case in helping Mr Jeremy prepare his manifesto. Now he and I are interested in the proposition of a land tax, or at least looking into the issue of land ownership. Now one obvious appeal of some land associated stuff is that unlike money land is less easily moved offshore. I’m sure that it would be a vote winner with many to know that the land owning rentiers of our benighted land would have to pay out more to the commonwealth rather than their increasing financial extraction into their grubby kleptic hands. Of course they will have the option of giving up their ill gotten lands to the common weal. Just think of all the straw bale houses, solar panels and windmills, food and cannabis fields, and any other useful things that could be done on dicky’s 7000 acres? And much of it turned over to the slave descendants of those exploited by the drax family. Only fair. Dickhead could live in a caravan.

So Mike leading me astray yesterday. He’d been near Goodwood at the weekend and a ‘former jockey’ gave him a tip. We put money on this horse in the 4.20 race at Goodwood. It came in 8th.

Another mri scan last Monday. They are very noisy affairs but with a bit of mindfulness I almost fell asleep despite the noise. The whole affair does raise one’s anxiety though, any aches and pains are suddenly given apprehensive appraisal.

Now there’s something to be thankful for, I’ll never have an appraisal as a teacher again. Or experience the horrors of an ofsted inspection. Or have to do any more educational bb. Or feel the dead hand of obsessive data bollocks. Or sit in seemingly endless meetings.

So I’ve just sent an email to West Sussex Council to support a local initiative to develop their own solar farm which will supply the village of Balcombe (and another local village) with all their electricity. I suggested in the email that if they are truly local representatives then they should support the initiative. If they don’t, in the interests of open democracy and accountability, they should clearly and honestly explain why they don’t support it. Seems like a good idea to emulate them in sleepy Swanage. Like Balcombe, Swanage is threatened by gas/oil drilling, possibly fracking.

We had another plant container stolen from our front window sill yesterday. Makes me sad that you do something that is communal and brightens the neighbourhood and such happens. I blame thatcher.

So have just got into watching Stephen Colbert youtube clips, he is an associate of Jon Stewart, and like Stewart he is funny, heavily ironic and shows up much of american dysfunction. There is something called a ‘super pac’: “Technically known as independent expenditure-only committees, Super PACs may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.” It’s a ‘legal’ tool that allows political folk to distort the political process even more. Colbert set up one of these with Stewart as his ‘independent political action committee’ and they have produced ads for their “the better tomorrow tomorrow” campaign. Check them out on youtube, very funny.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

Send beardy branson off on a one way trip in one of his rockets.

So, one very positive aspect of a Jeremy premiership is to dream of all those ‘celebrities’ and others who will leave the country if he’s elected. Result.

Off for another MRI scan soon, I think it’s to check on the ‘residual nodules’ left in my neck. There is still a chance i might need surgery. It doesn’t get easier the more times you go, in many ways it gets harder. For the 3 months of treatment it was a whirlwind that quickly takes you up and along the treatment trajectory, little time to think and reflect. Now, with so much more time, every appointment further apart, the distance that’s developed from the hospital post-treatment there’s more to be anxious about. I’ll probably have another catheter stuck in me and the very weird experience of lying in that large and noisy machine.

If mr bliar had an MRI scan would they see a heart?

It’s also John’s funeral today, Laurice’s dad, so I’ll be going straight from the hospital to the wake.

Just been listening to a radio programme with Clare Short talking about her life, she sounds a good person. I played rugby with and against her brother Kevin a few times, he played for London Irish, he too was, probably still is, a good person. I remember, despite being a young whippersnapper (what does that mean? :-‘ an unimportant but offensively presumptuous person, especially a young one’ – still applies to me, except I’m an elderly whippersnapper! an EWS), that he was a person I felt comfortable conversing with, maybe like his sister he was left wing and we were relative rarities in rugby land.

Anyway, whilst listening I had some crystallization of thought that has been developing for some while and is hardly revelatory. But it would be good if Mr Jeremy, after he’s elected leader, promotes his anti-austerity/opposition to neoliberal bollocks through alliances with others and develops a larger gang than just the Labour Party. They all also push for proportional representation and do so with one aim being of informing and educating folk that their voice might be heard. The ‘first past the post’ system has served it’s time.

Another inspiring radio programme was yesterday’s food programme about a bakery a couple had set up in Scotland. They initially did it to provide something for their mute autistic son and it’s developed into a non-profit making, very community based enterprise. It not only provides paid work, they allow almost anyone to work voluntarily, they encourage ex-offenders, drug addicts and others to participate and hopefully help them, they educate about cooking and good, healthy food and a whole lot more. Gives one inspiration to do likewise in sleepy, right wing dominated Swanage.

So, amalgamating my earlier thoughts, perhaps we need to develop, as in Frome (they have a totally independent council and a very thriving community), similar independent councils that really promote and support local people and communities. I think that this is a better way, too many people are now turned off or don’t understand the tribal politics we’ve got/had. The tts are already trying their way with their cynical bollocks about being the party of the workers. But if we could get local stuff going and initially centred on immediate and obvious stuff such as housing, local energy co-operatives, promoting and supporting local businesses and the like maybe………………

Well what a surprise, the newly taken over east coast rail franchise, which was state run and doing well, now ‘owned by stagecoach and beardy ransom the carpetbagger’ have already increased fares. It really is time beardy is properly exposed for what he really is. Why the fuck can’t he just get in a rocket and fire himself off, forever?

Pension still on 40%.

Time for another Kliban:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


The fucking tts have lied, surprisingly, saying they’re going to provide all that lovely child care and already it’s unravelling.

So our local mp is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, when he became the local tt candidate condom features suggested he called himself plain old richard drax. Let’s make it even plainer and call him dick drax. He lives on a small estate of 7000 acres in a place called charlborough house: harborough House

I mentioned a while ago that he suggested people having housing difficulties could live in a caravan, could get a lot of caravans on his land eh? Anyway I was watching the BBC2 programme about slavery in this country and the scandal of how much slave owners got in compensation when slavery was abolished. Included were dick’s ancestors. In fact a drax was one of the original slave exploiter and abuser in Barbados, he helped codify the ‘management’ of slaves and their exploitation to make himself and his family extremely wealthy. Now as tricky dicky proclaims he can’t be held responsible for what his ancestors did but he’ll keep hold of the ill gotten gains anyway. As the USA struggles with it’s slave legacy we’ve barely begun to acknowledge it’s part in our history. As we hear all the abuse being poured over Mr Jeremy I really wish people would just reflect a little on people such as dick the prick who remain ‘our masters’. Already, despite odious claims to being ‘the workers party’ the tts are already reinforcing inheritance which of course reinforces inequality. Six of slick dicks ancestors were mps. The likes of him are never questioned like Mr Jeremy as to their rights to their position. Maybe he and other beneficiaries could compensate the descendants of slaves his ancestors exploited. Only fair.

Pension still at 40% completion, the suspense.

Now something that has been distracting me of late is trying to understand how the world is changing. I readily rant about the kleptos, tts and so on, but that’s easy. I espouse my socialist dogma, again easy, it’s what I’ve grown up with. But the world is changing before our eyes. When the financial world collapsed a few years ago I thought good, maybe now we can develop ways of being that are fairer and move away from the economic slavery that neoliberal capitalism had brought us. Instead it’s got worse and the kleptos have got massively richer and the tt’s and their outriders have afeared and bribed people with their simplistic narrative. But what are the alternatives? How will they be properly discussed with the ‘new technology’ already replicating old style, top down corporations and in many ways worsening human life, well that seems to be the case with the big tech companies.

So I read Paul Mason and his thesis on postcapitalism and how he thinks ‘the abolition of capitalism has already begun’. He posits this around three things information technology has brought about. One is that it’s making the nature of work different, the old ways of work redundant. Two that ‘the market’ can’t price things correctly, prices were based on scarcity (like sick dick’s ancestors and sugar) but information is abundant and expanding at an incredible rate. The capitalists respond by trying to form monopolistic companies that try to capture this ‘socially produced information’ but people want to freely use ideas. Three the ‘spontaneous rise of collaborative production’ that isn’t subject to market dictates or hierarchical management. Wikipedia is a big example, Kate’s bartering of her services for haircuts, carpets and the like a smaller scale example.

The kleptos and tts try to keep their clapped out neoliberalism going through their austerity bollocks, just like the eu. So come on Mr Jeremy show that you have some understanding of this and how we can work together to work towards a new utopia. As Mr Mason writes: “Why do we find it so hard to imagine economic freedom? It is the elites – cut off in their dark-limo world – whose project looks as forlorn as that of the millenial sects of the 19th century. The democracy of riot squads, corrupt politicians, magnate-controlled newspapers and the surveillance state looks as phony and fragile as East Germany did 30 years ago”.

I’m glad to be out of teaching, schools are rapidly antiquating hierarchical structures that are doing an increasing disservice to our young folk. I was increasingly frustrated as a teacher as we were increasingly restricted and there was little or no innovation or creativity. I met someone in town yesterday who actually wanted to read my mphil thesis about risk as he is fed up with risk assessments and how they restrict staff and students. Not sure he’ll get many answers, but you never know.

Kate has just looked at me and she’s only done one eye, looks like Alex in Clockwork Orange.

Just did a quick quiz on angry young man’s website: scored 4/10. Let’s all become masters and mistresses, ‘cept for dick, condom features, beardy ransom, inept dubious shit et al who can be our slaves for a while until they see the light.

 Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

Manifesto 105?: vote Jeremy to piss off bliar and co.

The dangers of obligation

There is an orang utan in New York demanding a paternity test to prove that he is not trump’s dad.

And on the subject of buffoons see that boris de pfeffel’s stock has plummeted since the election. Apparently new tts viewing and hearing him up close realise what he’s really like. He’s been a disastrous mayor, Londoners now and in the future will suffer from his tenure. He is currently supposed to be mayor of a rather large city, a member of parliament for Uxbridge (get your bets on quick that he won’t be their mp after the next election), a newspaper columnist and writer of ill-reviewed books. And like trumpton he’s got a stupid barnet, but then so have I at the moment.

I was going to write that mr de pfeffel proves the old Peter Principle, but people should have recognised his incompetence a long while ago, last time he was in parliament howard sacked him for lying. And don’t go claiming he’s a good quiz show host, he’s shit.

Pension evaluation still at 40%.

Anyway I was at a ‘Discovery Day’ at Bournemouth University last Friday and it was all about how exercise in all it’s forms (except sex was never mentioned!) is beneficial in helping recovery and preventing recurrence. Now soon after sitting down in the lecture theatre I began to feel anxious, probably being surrounded by reminders of cancer. Anyway it popped into my head that because I’d had/got cancer (not sure about what my current status actually is, must ask at next clinic) that I’d had my turn and the chances of getting another cancer are reduced. So imagine my disappointment when a doctor went through a load of crabby statistics and that having had cancer increases the chances of another, bollocks.

Anyway, there were probably more people there who were either ‘experts’ or exercise related folk than actual crabby critters like me. Big business this cancer thing. But it was good with loads of people, organisations and companies offering their wares, all of it free or discounted, to help us get exercising. There were groups showing off what they’d done or were doing: a ladies ‘pink champagne’ dragon boat team, a community choir and a belly dancer. All inspiring others, which of course is good, but………..

Here you go again Duncan, being all negative, knocking others who are only trying to do their bit to help. But there is always this bit of me that rebels, that wants to understand more. Now arriving at the venue everyone was immediately met by the quite large choir belting out their songs, brought a smile to people’s faces. And yet, later as the last person got up to give their talk at the end of the first session so did the choir who en masse left the lecture hall, went just outside and began belting out more songs which could be clearly heard in the lecture hall. Not only was this somewhat disrespectful to the person talking it showed what I describe as some sort of proselytising solipsism. Great they’re all getting off on their community singing fuelled by their communal crabby experiences but it did create the impression of a certain group smugness. Maybe I was just envious about not being part of the gang.

But there is something about being told, or even gently cajoled, to do something that many of us automatically react against. Reading Oliver Burkeman (thanks Mike, actually holding a magazine to read) about this where: “Anything…can be made dispiriting when turned into an obligation”. he began the piece by writing about a study which apparently showed that having more sex made people unhappier. No, what the study really showed was that being told to have more sex (and filling out poxy forms) made people unhappier!

What is missing, and was missing at the ‘Living Well’ day, was this exploration of us needing a sense of autonomy, to make the decisions ourselves, to properly invest in something that requires dedication and motivation. All us crabby ones have been through a pretty unpleasant experience, often involving having lots of unpleasant things done to us, all sense of autonomy absent. Post-treatment we need to regain some sense of self, to regain some autonomy. So we know that exercise will be good for us, but don’t simply tell us; for people like me that simply reinforces my pathetic attempts to indulge myself in “self-defeating activities merely to obtain that sense of autonomy”. As ever, things are not obvious or simple. The clinical psychologist though did say we should shift balance from things we have/should do to things that improve, give joy, hope etc. Bit like voting for Mr Jeremy.

There was only one black person at the day, Wessex is very white.

There was a poster on the stage of a woman dancing who was obviously happy and very sweaty. The tag was: “sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox”. Now I’m a little sad that pigs get such a bad press and in this instance that they don’t actually sweat much, they have only a few ineffective sweat glands. That’s why they will wallow in mud to cool down. And why are foxes associated with being sexy? And just females feeling sexy?

Lot of sex in this blog, wonder if that will get it more attention?

Thanks angry young man for comment, never mind about Jeremy’s politics at least he is honest. Hope he is elected and goes on to challenge those very smug tts.

Steve Bell had de pfeffel’s number years ago:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

Being Socialist in England.

So I’m feeling a little conflicted as I think about the Labour leadership contest. I read and hear all these different folk passing on their ‘wisdom’ and it merely makes things murkier. That’s part of ‘the problem’ as we live in an age where there is so much information, opinion, commentary that we are soon overwhelmed and lie like beached fish flapping on the shore. I, as I’m sure do many others, have occasional moments of clarity, or at least what might fleetingly pass as clarity. One such was a few days ago when I determined to do my bit and joined the Labour party with the intention of voting for Mr Corbyn. Now I’m assailed by many of the ‘left’ (why do we have that label, I’ll have to do even more research, I’m sure many people simply vote for the ‘right’ because it’s right and anything else is wrong) who berate Jeremy saying he’s a dinosaur and it will condemn Labour to more wilderness years. And the torygraph urging it’s readers to join the Labour party to vote for Corbyn as they believe it will keep Labour in it’s little left wing box and out of power.

So the propaganda works. And people like me who are like the Fast Show bloke in the pub who just agrees with whoever spoke last; it hurts the brain to actually have to think a little to try and understand, to unravel all the political propagandists with their slick marketing ploys,their ‘dog whistle’ words and phrases, their ‘divide and rule’, the ‘strivers’ and the ‘skivers’, the simplistic narratives that buy into that dangerous ‘common sense’, that feed and inflame prejudice, that privately educated arrogance; it fries our brains. If we let it.

And on my shiny new Labour membership card it states, in black and white, that Labour is a democratic socialist party. So let us reclaim the word socialism, not allow the tts and their cohorts, the kleptos and their flunkeys to continue to use it as a word of derision. To continue the myth that we need to create new narratives for the modern world is to play their game, by their rules. Be like Mr Jeremy and whenever he gets their biased, their snidey, their ‘knowing’ questions he throws their language right back at them. And call them out for what they are: thieving, conniving, lying, greedy, kleptomaniacal, psychopathic, sociopathic, eugenecists (the third child bollocks). We don’t have a ‘nanny state’ we have welfare state for the kleptos, the real skivers and welfare cheats.

And my snout reporting that the SNP are cosying up to the tts in parliament? What’s that all about? A common hatred of Labour?

My pension ‘evaluation’ is 40% complete.

I know it shouldn’t but I do have a laugh when I read about the republican candidates for the presidency and especially mr trumpton. There are so many wonderful stories about him and my current favourite is from a couple of years ago when he filed a lawsuit against Bill Maher for suggesting he was the spawn of an orang utan. Have you seen his hair? And last week a promotional poster which had nazi soldiers on it.

As I’ve mentioned a few times I am missing teaching but only in relation to being with the students and colleagues. I am not missing all the bureaucratic bollocks that is now so prevalent. I just came across a 2 year old piece by ‘the secret teacher’, telling isn’t it that they have to be secret for fear they’d lose their job. Anyway, they write about ‘the intricate web of lies’ that now is the foundation of our education system. And underpinning this is ‘data’. “For many teachers, more time is spent examining, discussing, inputting and presenting data than actually interacting with children.” “The pressure to achieve positive data is immense. Analysis of statistics decides whether an establishment and its staff are either crowned in glory or cloaked in shame.” are but two quotes from the piece, and this was increasingly my experience. When a new assistant head was anointed, sorry appointed, at the school last year an email was sent round welcoming him and particularly noting his facility with ‘data’; no mention of education, teaching or learning. Whilst I understand the pressure on people to conform and produce the data is it any wonder that so many leave teaching so quickly. My daughter Grace has just had a week’s work experience at a local school, she loved it, discovered that she has a real aptitude for being a teacher and had excellent feedback. She now wants to be a teacher. She doesn’t want to be a data handler and manipulator.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Tie tyranny

It would be great to have Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader for no other reason than he doesn’t wear a tie. I for on have been advocating an end to the tyranny of ties. As I’ve written before they are nothing more than a combination of phallic arrows and inverted nooses. I’m a cravat man myself.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.