Sensuality and paradox.

Feeling somewhat detached primarily due to fatigue after Sunday’s garage sale and a boot fair yesterday morning which was slightly more profitable. Also awoken during night with some throat pain, in my soporific state it felt weirdly ‘hard’, as if my throat were ceramic. Drank some water and pain disappeared.

Now trying to describe my throat pain of last night highlights for me one of the many limitations of language in that the pain felt different and I could feel the feeling, I could certainly sense it but trying to describe it in this blog is hard. For us to survive in the social world we learn and use lots of ‘shorthand stuff’ such as ‘common sense’, cultural tropes with ‘trigger’ words and phrases that convey far more than the words alone, metaphors and much more. Some of us twats alliterate, but this is just playing with language.

I believe it was the case that Socrates didn’t write stuff and his acolyte Plato worried about writing, describing it as a paradox and not being as intelligent as it might appear. Because if you wish to question the writing you can’t as the words are just what they are: ‘they only say the one and the same thing’. So Socrates and Plato valued the spoken word above the written. I’ve also heard more than once this week that the ancient Greeks had no word for blue, lucky bastards no tts or chelsea!

Another paradox is one inherent in capitalism here described by sociologist Daniel Bell: “He suggested that the production side depends on people harking to values such as hard work, punctuality, discipline and a readiness to accept deferred gratification. The demand side, by contrast, depends on them being self-indulgent, expansive, pleasure-seeking and given to living in the now.” Seems to reflect a little with what is happening within the eu now with the hard working, disciplined Germans punishing the self-indulgent, pleasure-seeking Greeks. Did you know that one of the things ‘the troika twats’ baulked at with last week’s Greek government proposals was increasing taxes on the wealthy. So the only ones who should suffer and truly pay for all the financial bollocks are the poorer folk, not the kleptos.

Living in the now, the new mindfulness religion.

However there is also the added problem of the written word inherent in translation, so much gets lost in translation: between different languages, different cultures, our thoughts and what we write, the tts manifesto. For example a typical translation of the basis of Buddhism is that ‘life is suffering’ when others such as Alan Watts (now he seems an interesting philosopher) translates it as ‘life is frustration’. I certainly am frequently frustrated trying to translate my thoughts into written words. Meh.

I’ve suffered most of my life from the curse of reading and thinking that knowledge, even the truth, can be found in the written word. I might be learning at the moment that it’s not what you can learn in your head through reading but checking out how I perceive stuff.

Heard someone suggest, I think it was Alan Watts, that it might be a good idea to burn religious books and texts every now and then. Seems to me that much of the world’s strife comes from religious nutters taking certain bits of textual writing from their bibles to justify their extremely anti-social behaviour. Probably applies to non-religious writing too.

So. the our first lily flowered yesterday, which is good as we’re having a little lily do on Saturday. It has evolved into a much more sensory affair as I want to celebrate sensoriality as much as possible. When I informed people of such two, both male, responded in the ‘ooh er missus’ style and interpreted it sexually. See the way language can work? To my surprise, and i apologise now, it was Mikey P I expected to respond in such a way, but no he immediately understood and sent sensorial texts.

So I’m cooking some new foods, creating new drinks, exploring a range of ways of transmitting sensorial stuff and we’ll see (and smell, taste, hear and touch) how it goes. What a pretentious twat I am. Any suggestions gratefully received.

And today we had our first magnolia flower, it looks like this:

And it smells so absolutely wonderfuL. I describe it as ambrosial.


keep on sensing on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Sensuality and paradox.

  1. Alan Watts has been my hero for some time. He wrote about the pulse of the perceived universe, amongst other things, such that it expands to a limit then implodes and expands again. very yin yang but also very logical it seems to me, and somehow reassuring that we’re part of the thrusting swim of all being. But I can’t find the book again.. read it in 70s.
    Your lilification sounds glorious, sad to miss the sensuality. Tell Kate she needs to picalilli, just like Grandad did,

    Yes, reminders remind us…. it’shard to remember now the daily awfulness of the end of last year, but it did happen, bravo to you all. Happy days now, almost. xxx


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