Let’s freeze ids.

So ideologically demented shit had his expenses credit card frozen when he went over the spending limit. Last year he: ” called for people on welfare to be given prepaid cards to stop “destructive habits””.  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/picture/2015/jul/01/steve-bell-child-poverty-iain-duncan-smith-cartoon

Off to dental hygienist later this morning to have my regular dental check, so far my teeth and jaw have suffered no ill effects, which is good. In fact my teeth and gums are in the best shape for years. I do remember last year in BC times often getting bleeding gums, I now know this to be a symptom of  underlying problems so if any of you have bleeding gums get yourself checked.

Listening to Alan Watts on youtube yesterday, some very interesting stuff, and he’s funny. Have so far resisted ordering a book of his!

Still awaiting forms to be sent off to Teacher’s Pensions, only 5 months now. I know there are some mitigating circumstances which human resources people and company apologists will trot out but they do such stuff from an already prejudiced position. What my beef is that is it acceptable to now have taken 5 months to simply get a report together? Allied to a bureaucratic process that is compromised by there being too many layers of management, and managers who have different understandings and agendas. And what gets lost is the simple principle of supporting their employees in the best and simplest ways possible. My friend Hector ‘retired’ last November, he continues to work part time but his pension has still not been sorted. It is because of bureaucratic ineptitude in the correct completing of very simple forms. This is within what is now a relatively large publicly listed company. One which is expanding rapidly as it follows the neoliberal capitalist format: expand as rapidly as possible, attempt to monopolise a ‘market’, not ‘recognise’ unions, pay the ‘directors’ as much as possible, keep costs down,especially the workers wages, exploit the ‘state’ as much as possible. Now this is a company that gets 99% of it’s money from the state as it runs psychiatric hospitals and units and a number of special needs schools and units. It was ‘floated’ on the stock exchange last year and this ‘released’ loot to it’s ‘owners’: “Cambian Group is expected to be valued at more than £500 million and its flotation will make millions for its US private equity backers GI Partners and founder and chief executive Saleem Asaria.” http://www.standard.co.uk/…/healthcare-group-cambian-set-for-float-9201995  Is it morally right that individuals profit so much from the ‘common wealth’? Is it right that the ‘owners’ of the company make so much when they do not provide a ‘duty of care’ to their employees such as my mate Hector?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

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