Don’t be fearful of the lying bastard’s stories.

Oooh I’m fired up after a typically lethargic start to the day. I awake and start thinking of what the situation is vis a vis, now there’s a phrase I rarely see written down, my ongoing pension bollocks. So I can’t go back to sleep, which is what I need to do as I’m tired and haven’t had enough sleep, and so the routine, the oh so boring routine, starts again as I send emails, make phone calls and do what I can until there’s nothing else I can do. I’m informed I need to have an interview with head of HR and school before we can proceed, to begin the ‘termination procedure’. I reply that this is not the caseI will not begin ‘termination’ before my pension is sorted and that the term ‘termination’ is a little disturbing for someone in my position! It also seems to be that what I tried to prevent back in February is coming to pass as there is confusion over what forms to complete and where they are – I sent copies via email and gave various people ‘hard’ copies to various people over the last few months. The head of HR then calls me to ask what needs to happen!!!!!! I bang my head hard many times. I now have a headache.

But not as much of a headache as the poor Greeks, and as ever in life it is the poor that pay the price. And a new terrorist ‘war’ has been waged by the EU leaders, the banks and other assorted kleptos to terrorise the Greeks to vote yes in today’s referendum and allow the kleptos to continue their austerity bollocks. Good old fear, a weapon that has been used so often throughout history and it’s formula is simple: you should fear the ‘other’, whether that be other people or another way of doing things. There is an alternative to austerity bollocks and our current neoliberal/financial/klepto hegemony, actually a fair few alternatives. Unfortunately mainstream media and the like very rarely offers this, they echo the klepto line. It will be harder to explain away a majority in a whole country rejecting the shit we’re fed. And they’re scared of it spreading. Just now on the BBC some right wing representative was spouting that Syriza are extreme Leninists and want the country to be like Venezuala and North Korea, more terrorist scaremongering.

We need to grow up a little and not be so fearful, as Yuval Noah Harari in his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind  wrote:  “At the heart of our mass co-operation networks, you will always find fictional stories that exist only in people’s collective imagination… There are no gods, no nations, no money and no human rights, except in our collective imagination.” The sooner we understand that all these are stories to enable our communal existence and that we can help create our own stories the better. I sincerely hope the Greeks embark today on creating their own, new story. Their forefathers and foremothers left us with many stories that still resonate in today’s world.

Only slightly the worse today after our ‘lily do’ yesterday. People entered into the spirit of things and our senses were tickled in many ways. There were some lilies in bloom and again we’ve mis-timed it as most were not. Better luck next year as we’ll try for late July. Made pissaladiere and was quite annoyed as I’d taken a short break from cooking to have a quick bath and came back downstairs having forgotten about it cooking in the oven. It was burnt and I threw a little tantrum, but it still tasted fine. We’re left with some tasty goodies and lots of flowers in the house.

I blamed ‘chemo brain’ for my forgetfulness, Kate M said you’re allowed about 2 years using this excuse then it starts wearing thin, so I’ve still got a year and a half!

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Don’t be fearful of the lying bastard’s stories.

  1. Thanks for a lovely sensual day Duncan & Kate,.
    Keep on.Senses working overtime.
    Lilywhite Lilith & Sniffer Sal xxxxxxxx


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