Still feeling very tired and had unsettling experience during the night as I suddenly couldn’t breathe. It seems that even though my mouth dries out during the night I breathe through my open mouth, and at one point I think the back of my throat was blocked and no air could get in, very unpleasant experience. I quickly drank some water and that cleared the blockage and panic over.

Unfortunately the long running pension panic continues, shame I can’t call a referendum to get some backing to speed up proceedings.

But what good news, at least in my humble opinion, that of a bunch of people stand up to the terrorist bullying of the ffs and kleptos. Oh there will be, already is, a terrible gnashing of teeth led by a braying herd of economists, ‘business leaders’ and the like foretelling disaster. And all will look to ‘the markets’ like some modern augury; in ancient Roman times augurs would look to the flight of birds and interpret them as omens. Now if we had better education, greater inclusivity, devolving of powers and the opportunity for better informed public debate we might be able to fashion a better world for ourselves. Anyway, for now, I celebrate the resounding Greek Oxi.

More lovely lilies blooming. We also tasted some chocolate mint leaves on Saturday and they do taste chocolately, almost like after 8’s. The lemon verbena tea went down well, so simple to make, just stick some leaves in pot of hot water. Add a dash of elderflower liqueur and you have a fabulous drink. Elderflower liqueur eh? The new Pimms!

So I check emails from Bath Artisan Market because we are to be there next Sunday to flog the unctions and maybe Kate to do head massages. Would be great to see any of our lovely friends there, that’s on the 12th.

I notice it’s run by a Catherine Stokes which plunges me into reverie for that was the name of a teacher and head at Guy’s Hospital School where I worked many years ago. My time teaching on the child and adolescent psychiatric unit was my most enjoyable teaching experience. It was great working as part of a proper multi-disciplinary team, I learned so much. I wonder what my former colleagues are up to? I was there for, I think, the 25th year of the school and an excuse for some of us show offs to put on a show: ‘Beyond the Syringe’, I sang some songs badly and took the piss out of new tory educational reforms, some things don’t change. They didn’t change much with my involvement in Purbeck View’s 10 year? celebration in the local theatre. I recreated Who Wants to be a Millionaire and sang YMCA badly. I’d stuffed a rugby sock stuffed with lots of other socks down my inner thigh and back stage the head said “you’re not going on with that”, I did.

Also at the first special school I taught at, Meadway in Wandsworth, I did an adaptation of the 12 days of christmas based on the school and it’s teachers which pissed a few teachers off. My leaving present to them was a life size papier mache model of myself I made with my then class, with me reading the Grauniad so they could stick it in the corner of the staff room as a reminder. They probably had a ceremonial burning after I left. Ah, my teaching memories.

So it feels like we live in troubled times, but hasn’t that always been the case with homo sapiens? Our last few thousand years has always involved wars, violence, the abuse and exploitation of our fellow beings as well as the world’s flora and fauna. But maybe we are approaching the endgame for homo sapiens; the human population has exploded exponentially in recent times and so much of what we create is not for the greater good. It may be that our burgeoning media fills us with bad news, especially the hate filled bollocks promulgated by murdoch and the like. So OI!, I say OXI to your neoliberal, hate filled crap.

Stop over-emotionalising Duncan.


Keep oxi keeping oxi, love Duncan.


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