Rise up you serfs.

At last a reasonable night’s sleep after what seems many nights of either disturbed sleep or early waking and disquiet about the glacial progress of completing a relatively brief pension form. Still, as long as I play my small part towards the burgeoning wealth of my treasured little klepto, the ceo of cambian plc saleem asaria, it comforts me in my state of distress. Hope all you UK denizens are watching the new promotional series for beardy ransom’s airline, so heartening to have all those people making the programme showing all the people who each do their bit to help make their pet klepto even richer. It’s getting to be like olden times as all us serfs, that’s the vast majority of us, each belong to different fiefdoms serving our feudal lords, doing what we can to make our klepto lord, they are still usually lords and not ladies, richer than some other gang’s lord. Oh it’s good to be back, we can all soon forget those nasty few decades in the middle of the last century when us serfs began to get slightly fairer shares. Come on money lord s&m osborne kick all us serfs harder today, warn us of the dangers of being like the Greeks, help put the natural order back in place.

I’m joining the Labour Party today so that I can vote for that old dinosaur Mr Jeremy,I do believe he might be on the side of us serfs. The other klepto apologist candidates are getting twitchy, the tts are licking their fat lips at the thought of a repeat of that nice Mr Foot’s time, but maybe, just maybe…………………………….

Keep on keeping on all you serfs, love Duncan


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