The paradox of choice and swiss cheese.

It is a mystery as I’m finding material to write about in my blog somewhat harder to come by since cancelling my Grauniad subscription. One would think that relying more on the internet would open up far greater information yet the reverse seems to be the case. Perhaps it confirms various research and articles that suggest when confronted by ‘too much’ choice we are overwhelmed and cannot function rationally. There is Barry Schwartz in his book the ‘Paradox of Choice’ who argues that all this choice actually oppresses us, we become increasingly unsure as to whether we’re making the right choice. So the brain takes shortcuts or we behave in ways that we are more able to cope with. On the internet I keep finding myself being distracted: the screens are too busy, stuff keeps flashing up to grab our attention, I accidentally press the wrong key and I’m suddenly looking at something different, the all too easy allure of checking emails, my blog stats, mind-numbing games, going straight to the comments before even reading an article. Perhaps being older and more of an immigrant to this new technology (I like the metaphor that us older folk are immigrants to new technology whilst younger folk are natives having been brought up on it) I’m somehow not ‘properly’ trained in it’s use. Whatever, I’ve had enough and can’t wait to get back to my ‘hard copy’ and get the paper daily.

And maybe, just maybe, that may happen before the year’s up. I’m like a Pavlovian dog and when given or receive a little biscuit of information such as the occupational health twats have finally sent out the completed report last week then I could be sending off all the bumf to Teachers Pensions by the end of this week at the latest. Poor deluded me, so it’s now next Monday when I’ll go into school to finally look through all the forms, hopefully all correct and complete and supportive and have them sent off. I hope!

Poor Kate very tired after picking up Ruby from a brief French trip at 4 O’clock this morning, hope she has enough energy for Sunday when we do the BAth Artisan Market. Not only will lucky people have the opportunity to buy one of my unctions they’ll also be able to have a head massage from Kate.

Being new to the world of business to I stand at our stall bellowing “roll up, roll up get your unctions ‘ere” and the like?

Duncan it’s all about brand, product placement, getting your message across, USPs, and all the other bollocks that just adds to our noisy, choice bedevilled society. duncansunctions, just another bit of bollocks amidst the cacophanous crap.

So it’s Murray against the smugly arrogant federer. We finally have a British tennis player who is really good and yet there’ll be as many supporting the cheesy swiss with his pretentious logo. OK so he’s a very smooth tennis player but he’s also a very arrogant person. Of course the English don’t like the Scots but I for one will be cheering on Andy, not only for a British win but also to wipe the supercilious smile off that swiss cheese.

Enough, have to do some work now preparing for Sunday and there are loads of lilies now blooming and what an array of colours.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS RIP John, he died this morning. Love to Laurice and family.

One thought on “The paradox of choice and swiss cheese.

  1. I think too much choice’ being a problem is a bit of a cop out – free will is to be celebrated, no? I do however admit to a slight difficulty with empty car parks – how do I choose which space! I wonder whether the occupational health twats read your blog. Just a thought. Good luck in Bath. I have a marketing suggestion. You and Kate dress up as Punch and Judy. Every time you smash her in the face with your truncheon (made of foam rubber 😉 she reaches for the unctions and moans with pleasure as it takes effect. Remember you will be competing for attention with some seriously whacky West Country ‘artisans’! Finally, I agree RF is smug and his logo (really just the fact that he has one) is deeply disturbing. However, I quite like his arrogance (he is after all the best tennis player of all time) and I think he has other redeeming features unlike that racist nazi humanoid he will be playing this afternoon. Murray to win next year!


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