Let’s have jubilee coasting.

Just heard a tt, robert halfon, say that he wants to change his party’s name from the conservatives to ‘the workers party’! Wanker. The world is getting weirder, but us left wingers had blair and co creating a ‘tory lite’ party.

And the tt’s can’t wait to implement all sorts of class ridden stuff, much of it not in their manifesto so they cannot claim any sort of mandate. Already they’re hammering the unions, which sort of contradicts their bollocks about being for ‘the workers’. Heard one of their tribe on the radio this morning who, when asked about it having a go at Labour funding, made the intellectually astounding riposte that any private donors to the tts has to make the effort to actually sign a cheque. No matter that this money they ‘donate’ to their class cause has been stolen from the labour of their servants.

Mick Whelan, ASLEF union leader, has likened the attack on unions as resonant of fascist germany, which has a link because the german conservative party (now merkels’ cdu) supported hitler. And now even the imf is saying that the latest proposed ‘bailout conditions’ for Greece are only going to make things worse, and who’s behind this? Now I’m not suggesting that merkel and co are fascist or in any way nazi-like, but mr hitler was primarily anti-communist and he used fear of communism to gain power. Syriza are ‘left wing’, they are often dubbed ‘extreme’ or ‘radical’ because they had the audacity to stand for election and to stand up for people and the ‘common wealth’. In fact they began life as: “its formation can be traced back to the Space for Dialogue for the Unity and Common Action of the Left” from Wikipedia. They are particularly against the austerity bollocks, which is basically class war perpetrated by the ‘neoliberals’ and their allies who represent the kleptos against the vast majority of the world’s population and simply want to extract as much wealth from the labour of others and exploit the Earth’s resources. It really comes to something when a significant branch of the kleptos, the imf, recognises that what is happening to poor old Greece is wrong.

What we lack in this country is a Syriza-like space for dialogue. Come on you fellow Socratic Society. Set it up Jeremy. And while you’re about it we can discuss ‘debt jubilee’. This is basically a write off of debt because never in human history has debt been used so much for so long to subjugate and enslave so many people as has been happening with the current crop of kleptos and their ‘globalisation’. Whole populations and national governments have been ensnared by debt, much of it owed to the obscenely wealthy kleptos. So all we simply do is have a debt jubilee, reset things, including having true democratic representation and have the likes of beardy ransom and soily sorrell work in waste disposal for a while.

Check jubilee and stuff out here: criticallegalthinking.com/…/a-bailout-of-the-people-by-the-people-will-it (just highlight, right click and search).

Ha Ha, condom features couldn’t wait to repeal the fox hunting law, also not in the tts manifesto, and got stuffed by Nicola and the SNP. There is still a smidgin of democracy around.

So I sent off my pension forms, even though I had to get copies of the consultant and GP’s reports as the useless occupational health lot didn’t attach them and send them off myself yesterday.

Whilst I miss being in a classroom I certainly don’t miss all the ever increasing bureaucratic bollocks which is set to drastically worsen with the tts latest proposals to privatise state schools by turning them into academies. This approach is to ‘identify coasting schools’ based on criteria that are very arbitrary and encoded in one of those oh so boring and tedious bureaucratic forms called ‘progress 8’ (I briefly added a link but straight away realised that inflicting such on my few lovely readers would be tantamount to torture, except for maybe NarkyMark, who makes a good defence for some bureaucracy). What it will do is make ‘education’ in our schools even more narrow with ever more target driven bollocks and teachers doing even more bb other than teaching and trying to create a better educational experience. So sad. Especially as so many young folk who go on to further education will soon be enslaved in the kleptos debt world.

And there they go again corrupting our language, suddenly ‘coasting’ is code for something bad when it has some lovely connotations. Such as ‘moving easily without using power’, surely a very good thing to do in an age of human made global warming? Also ‘sailing along the coast’, something I trust lovely Nick and Jules are doing right now (sorry I’m not with you). And in ‘urban speak’ being totally relaxed, a very good thing.

Also noticed on the urban dictionary site that ‘bae’ is ‘trending’ with folk thinking it means babe or sweetie when it’s Danish for shit. Rude. So careful Mr Pharrell when you sing “come get it bae”.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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