Up the workers.

Have just finished my mid-day bowl of cereal and fruit whilst Sooty the Sweep cleans our chimney. When he entered the house he commented on the breeze, I said I’d not been out yet which might sound lazy but there are extenuating circumstances. Sooty wisely didn’t ask me to elaborate, instead focusing on the job in hand. Now reflecting on this brief exchange I wonder whether I’m at all affected by the bollocks the tts have been promulgating over recent years: the ‘strivers’ and ‘skivers’ and similar tropes. Perhaps I’ll ask hard striving Sooty.

Now there are many side effects of the treatment I’ve had and they are mostly damaging and unpleasant but there do appear to be some that the new me quite likes. Foremost is my taste which returned pretty quickly and seems keener than previously. As I’ve previously mentioned stuff stays at the back of my throat for a long time post-eating. And, as is often the case, if the food’s been tasty it’s very pleasant to keep regurgitating and re-tasting. I’m sipping wine more slowly to really savour the flavour. My hair, whilst stupidly curly is thicker. My teeth are in great shape. So it’s not all bad stuff.

Anyway, returning to the ts and their becoming the party of the workers. It has primarily come about through a dodgy bunch called ‘renewal’ who’s aim is to portray the tts as the ‘new workers’ party’: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/jul/16/renewal-tory-workers-party

This ‘renewal’ lot were formed by a tt called david skelton which is a little unsettling as one of my best schoolmates is called David Skelton, so we have more in common with having the same name as a tt (invidious dunderhead shit, didn’t it make all reasonable folk retch when they saw the dunderhead cheering inanely in the commons during s&m osborne’s budget speech). If anyone who happens to read this blog knows of my old mate’s whereabouts I’d like to know. David lived in a beautiful house (converted oast houses near Marden in Kent) with his wonderful parents, I still remember his dad fulminating against the tts saying “it’s always devil take the hindmost with the tories”, plus ca change.

So it’s Grace’s 17th birthday today, Happy Birthday Grace.

So the tts trying to take Labour’s ‘natural electorate’, those who actually do the labour from which the kleptos profit. It all rapidly clarifies as you realise the tts are attempting to ‘rebrand’ the term ‘worker’ away from Labour supporting, union membership, solidarity and the like to someone who earns a living and shouldn’t be subsidising others. Unfortunately it’s a brilliantly horrible tactic as so many are buying into it.

Meanwhile the kleptos get even richer and make the world a worse place. Very recent research by Jan Svejnar http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/15/billionaires-drive-economic-growth-crony clearly showing that the more billionaires a country has the slower it’s economic growth. These fuckers are not wealth creators they are the opposite, except of course for themselves. Wonder what we should do about it?

Anyway, enough solipsistic navel gazing have to do parental stuff for Grace’s birthday.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

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