Being Socialist in England.

So I’m feeling a little conflicted as I think about the Labour leadership contest. I read and hear all these different folk passing on their ‘wisdom’ and it merely makes things murkier. That’s part of ‘the problem’ as we live in an age where there is so much information, opinion, commentary that we are soon overwhelmed and lie like beached fish flapping on the shore. I, as I’m sure do many others, have occasional moments of clarity, or at least what might fleetingly pass as clarity. One such was a few days ago when I determined to do my bit and joined the Labour party with the intention of voting for Mr Corbyn. Now I’m assailed by many of the ‘left’ (why do we have that label, I’ll have to do even more research, I’m sure many people simply vote for the ‘right’ because it’s right and anything else is wrong) who berate Jeremy saying he’s a dinosaur and it will condemn Labour to more wilderness years. And the torygraph urging it’s readers to join the Labour party to vote for Corbyn as they believe it will keep Labour in it’s little left wing box and out of power.

So the propaganda works. And people like me who are like the Fast Show bloke in the pub who just agrees with whoever spoke last; it hurts the brain to actually have to think a little to try and understand, to unravel all the political propagandists with their slick marketing ploys,their ‘dog whistle’ words and phrases, their ‘divide and rule’, the ‘strivers’ and the ‘skivers’, the simplistic narratives that buy into that dangerous ‘common sense’, that feed and inflame prejudice, that privately educated arrogance; it fries our brains. If we let it.

And on my shiny new Labour membership card it states, in black and white, that Labour is a democratic socialist party. So let us reclaim the word socialism, not allow the tts and their cohorts, the kleptos and their flunkeys to continue to use it as a word of derision. To continue the myth that we need to create new narratives for the modern world is to play their game, by their rules. Be like Mr Jeremy and whenever he gets their biased, their snidey, their ‘knowing’ questions he throws their language right back at them. And call them out for what they are: thieving, conniving, lying, greedy, kleptomaniacal, psychopathic, sociopathic, eugenecists (the third child bollocks). We don’t have a ‘nanny state’ we have welfare state for the kleptos, the real skivers and welfare cheats.

And my snout reporting that the SNP are cosying up to the tts in parliament? What’s that all about? A common hatred of Labour?

My pension ‘evaluation’ is 40% complete.

I know it shouldn’t but I do have a laugh when I read about the republican candidates for the presidency and especially mr trumpton. There are so many wonderful stories about him and my current favourite is from a couple of years ago when he filed a lawsuit against Bill Maher for suggesting he was the spawn of an orang utan. Have you seen his hair? And last week a promotional poster which had nazi soldiers on it.

As I’ve mentioned a few times I am missing teaching but only in relation to being with the students and colleagues. I am not missing all the bureaucratic bollocks that is now so prevalent. I just came across a 2 year old piece by ‘the secret teacher’, telling isn’t it that they have to be secret for fear they’d lose their job. Anyway, they write about ‘the intricate web of lies’ that now is the foundation of our education system. And underpinning this is ‘data’. “For many teachers, more time is spent examining, discussing, inputting and presenting data than actually interacting with children.” “The pressure to achieve positive data is immense. Analysis of statistics decides whether an establishment and its staff are either crowned in glory or cloaked in shame.” are but two quotes from the piece, and this was increasingly my experience. When a new assistant head was anointed, sorry appointed, at the school last year an email was sent round welcoming him and particularly noting his facility with ‘data’; no mention of education, teaching or learning. Whilst I understand the pressure on people to conform and produce the data is it any wonder that so many leave teaching so quickly. My daughter Grace has just had a week’s work experience at a local school, she loved it, discovered that she has a real aptitude for being a teacher and had excellent feedback. She now wants to be a teacher. She doesn’t want to be a data handler and manipulator.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Being Socialist in England.

  1. I would go with Corbyn. Take no notice of the double bluffing and propaganda. If any of the other jerks win Labour will once again not be any different from the Tories. If I were voting I would choose him because he is the only honest one never mind his politics! Interesting developments in Greece. Tsipras has caved in horribly – what a shame. There will be much fun and games to follow methinks. The alliance of Germany and Finland in all this is deeply sinister – shades of WW2.


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