The fucking tts have lied, surprisingly, saying they’re going to provide all that lovely child care and already it’s unravelling.

So our local mp is Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, when he became the local tt candidate condom features suggested he called himself plain old richard drax. Let’s make it even plainer and call him dick drax. He lives on a small estate of 7000 acres in a place called charlborough house: harborough House

I mentioned a while ago that he suggested people having housing difficulties could live in a caravan, could get a lot of caravans on his land eh? Anyway I was watching the BBC2 programme about slavery in this country and the scandal of how much slave owners got in compensation when slavery was abolished. Included were dick’s ancestors. In fact a drax was one of the original slave exploiter and abuser in Barbados, he helped codify the ‘management’ of slaves and their exploitation to make himself and his family extremely wealthy. Now as tricky dicky proclaims he can’t be held responsible for what his ancestors did but he’ll keep hold of the ill gotten gains anyway. As the USA struggles with it’s slave legacy we’ve barely begun to acknowledge it’s part in our history. As we hear all the abuse being poured over Mr Jeremy I really wish people would just reflect a little on people such as dick the prick who remain ‘our masters’. Already, despite odious claims to being ‘the workers party’ the tts are already reinforcing inheritance which of course reinforces inequality. Six of slick dicks ancestors were mps. The likes of him are never questioned like Mr Jeremy as to their rights to their position. Maybe he and other beneficiaries could compensate the descendants of slaves his ancestors exploited. Only fair.

Pension still at 40% completion, the suspense.

Now something that has been distracting me of late is trying to understand how the world is changing. I readily rant about the kleptos, tts and so on, but that’s easy. I espouse my socialist dogma, again easy, it’s what I’ve grown up with. But the world is changing before our eyes. When the financial world collapsed a few years ago I thought good, maybe now we can develop ways of being that are fairer and move away from the economic slavery that neoliberal capitalism had brought us. Instead it’s got worse and the kleptos have got massively richer and the tt’s and their outriders have afeared and bribed people with their simplistic narrative. But what are the alternatives? How will they be properly discussed with the ‘new technology’ already replicating old style, top down corporations and in many ways worsening human life, well that seems to be the case with the big tech companies.

So I read Paul Mason and his thesis on postcapitalism and how he thinks ‘the abolition of capitalism has already begun’. He posits this around three things information technology has brought about. One is that it’s making the nature of work different, the old ways of work redundant. Two that ‘the market’ can’t price things correctly, prices were based on scarcity (like sick dick’s ancestors and sugar) but information is abundant and expanding at an incredible rate. The capitalists respond by trying to form monopolistic companies that try to capture this ‘socially produced information’ but people want to freely use ideas. Three the ‘spontaneous rise of collaborative production’ that isn’t subject to market dictates or hierarchical management. Wikipedia is a big example, Kate’s bartering of her services for haircuts, carpets and the like a smaller scale example.

The kleptos and tts try to keep their clapped out neoliberalism going through their austerity bollocks, just like the eu. So come on Mr Jeremy show that you have some understanding of this and how we can work together to work towards a new utopia. As Mr Mason writes: “Why do we find it so hard to imagine economic freedom? It is the elites – cut off in their dark-limo world – whose project looks as forlorn as that of the millenial sects of the 19th century. The democracy of riot squads, corrupt politicians, magnate-controlled newspapers and the surveillance state looks as phony and fragile as East Germany did 30 years ago”.

I’m glad to be out of teaching, schools are rapidly antiquating hierarchical structures that are doing an increasing disservice to our young folk. I was increasingly frustrated as a teacher as we were increasingly restricted and there was little or no innovation or creativity. I met someone in town yesterday who actually wanted to read my mphil thesis about risk as he is fed up with risk assessments and how they restrict staff and students. Not sure he’ll get many answers, but you never know.

Kate has just looked at me and she’s only done one eye, looks like Alex in Clockwork Orange.

Just did a quick quiz on angry young man’s website: scored 4/10. Let’s all become masters and mistresses, ‘cept for dick, condom features, beardy ransom, inept dubious shit et al who can be our slaves for a while until they see the light.

 Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

Manifesto 105?: vote Jeremy to piss off bliar and co.


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