Send beardy branson off on a one way trip in one of his rockets.

So, one very positive aspect of a Jeremy premiership is to dream of all those ‘celebrities’ and others who will leave the country if he’s elected. Result.

Off for another MRI scan soon, I think it’s to check on the ‘residual nodules’ left in my neck. There is still a chance i might need surgery. It doesn’t get easier the more times you go, in many ways it gets harder. For the 3 months of treatment it was a whirlwind that quickly takes you up and along the treatment trajectory, little time to think and reflect. Now, with so much more time, every appointment further apart, the distance that’s developed from the hospital post-treatment there’s more to be anxious about. I’ll probably have another catheter stuck in me and the very weird experience of lying in that large and noisy machine.

If mr bliar had an MRI scan would they see a heart?

It’s also John’s funeral today, Laurice’s dad, so I’ll be going straight from the hospital to the wake.

Just been listening to a radio programme with Clare Short talking about her life, she sounds a good person. I played rugby with and against her brother Kevin a few times, he played for London Irish, he too was, probably still is, a good person. I remember, despite being a young whippersnapper (what does that mean? :-‘ an unimportant but offensively presumptuous person, especially a young one’ – still applies to me, except I’m an elderly whippersnapper! an EWS), that he was a person I felt comfortable conversing with, maybe like his sister he was left wing and we were relative rarities in rugby land.

Anyway, whilst listening I had some crystallization of thought that has been developing for some while and is hardly revelatory. But it would be good if Mr Jeremy, after he’s elected leader, promotes his anti-austerity/opposition to neoliberal bollocks through alliances with others and develops a larger gang than just the Labour Party. They all also push for proportional representation and do so with one aim being of informing and educating folk that their voice might be heard. The ‘first past the post’ system has served it’s time.

Another inspiring radio programme was yesterday’s food programme about a bakery a couple had set up in Scotland. They initially did it to provide something for their mute autistic son and it’s developed into a non-profit making, very community based enterprise. It not only provides paid work, they allow almost anyone to work voluntarily, they encourage ex-offenders, drug addicts and others to participate and hopefully help them, they educate about cooking and good, healthy food and a whole lot more. Gives one inspiration to do likewise in sleepy, right wing dominated Swanage.

So, amalgamating my earlier thoughts, perhaps we need to develop, as in Frome (they have a totally independent council and a very thriving community), similar independent councils that really promote and support local people and communities. I think that this is a better way, too many people are now turned off or don’t understand the tribal politics we’ve got/had. The tts are already trying their way with their cynical bollocks about being the party of the workers. But if we could get local stuff going and initially centred on immediate and obvious stuff such as housing, local energy co-operatives, promoting and supporting local businesses and the like maybe………………

Well what a surprise, the newly taken over east coast rail franchise, which was state run and doing well, now ‘owned by stagecoach and beardy ransom the carpetbagger’ have already increased fares. It really is time beardy is properly exposed for what he really is. Why the fuck can’t he just get in a rocket and fire himself off, forever?

Pension still on 40%.

Time for another Kliban:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

2 thoughts on “Send beardy branson off on a one way trip in one of his rockets.

  1. Love it. Local and independent and community focused. Absolutely what we need. Mark did his bit when he ran the Smugglers employing the unemployable. I will leave the details out otherwise I will be struck off the internet. In the meantime, I am working on Jeremy’s manifesto. The first and a very key element will be the immediate transfer of all land ownership rights to the ‘common-wealth’ which will then charge rent to the occupiers and use the money for good causes. Lots to think about here, but it will be a step in the right direction and will stop the disproportionate accumulation of land based wealth in families via inheritance / historical injustices and thuggery. The evil Drax will have to pay full whack rent for his 7,000 acres, effectively to his serfs and others in the community, instead of the other way around! Much more to come on this.


  2. PS apparently this is also very much an issue in Scotland notwithstanding the SNP ‘revolution’. Land ownership needs to be sorted as a matter of urgency.


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