super pacs and reclaiming dick’s land.

So I mentioned ‘task tracker’, a feature of the Teachers Pensions website that shows the ‘progress’ of your ‘claim’, to Mike Hector yesterday and he laughed. Mike began his pension journey last November and he’s already on his third task tracker. He was informed this week that there is a form B that needs completing. To those people who are lost in the Kafkaesque labyrinth of a bureaucracy to be suddenly presented with a ‘form B’ is serious headbanging territory. Latest research has linked ‘form B’ with an increasing suicide rate.

My ‘progress tracker’ has progressed to 40%. Note the Orwellian use of progress, the active use of this word to deliberately give us unfortunates the impression of ‘moving forward’.

So, moving forward, it’s good to know that angry young man is on the case in helping Mr Jeremy prepare his manifesto. Now he and I are interested in the proposition of a land tax, or at least looking into the issue of land ownership. Now one obvious appeal of some land associated stuff is that unlike money land is less easily moved offshore. I’m sure that it would be a vote winner with many to know that the land owning rentiers of our benighted land would have to pay out more to the commonwealth rather than their increasing financial extraction into their grubby kleptic hands. Of course they will have the option of giving up their ill gotten lands to the common weal. Just think of all the straw bale houses, solar panels and windmills, food and cannabis fields, and any other useful things that could be done on dicky’s 7000 acres? And much of it turned over to the slave descendants of those exploited by the drax family. Only fair. Dickhead could live in a caravan.

So Mike leading me astray yesterday. He’d been near Goodwood at the weekend and a ‘former jockey’ gave him a tip. We put money on this horse in the 4.20 race at Goodwood. It came in 8th.

Another mri scan last Monday. They are very noisy affairs but with a bit of mindfulness I almost fell asleep despite the noise. The whole affair does raise one’s anxiety though, any aches and pains are suddenly given apprehensive appraisal.

Now there’s something to be thankful for, I’ll never have an appraisal as a teacher again. Or experience the horrors of an ofsted inspection. Or have to do any more educational bb. Or feel the dead hand of obsessive data bollocks. Or sit in seemingly endless meetings.

So I’ve just sent an email to West Sussex Council to support a local initiative to develop their own solar farm which will supply the village of Balcombe (and another local village) with all their electricity. I suggested in the email that if they are truly local representatives then they should support the initiative. If they don’t, in the interests of open democracy and accountability, they should clearly and honestly explain why they don’t support it. Seems like a good idea to emulate them in sleepy Swanage. Like Balcombe, Swanage is threatened by gas/oil drilling, possibly fracking.

We had another plant container stolen from our front window sill yesterday. Makes me sad that you do something that is communal and brightens the neighbourhood and such happens. I blame thatcher.

So have just got into watching Stephen Colbert youtube clips, he is an associate of Jon Stewart, and like Stewart he is funny, heavily ironic and shows up much of american dysfunction. There is something called a ‘super pac’: “Technically known as independent expenditure-only committees, Super PACs may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates.” It’s a ‘legal’ tool that allows political folk to distort the political process even more. Colbert set up one of these with Stewart as his ‘independent political action committee’ and they have produced ads for their “the better tomorrow tomorrow” campaign. Check them out on youtube, very funny.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan

One thought on “super pacs and reclaiming dick’s land.

  1. I try to avoid these little horse enthusiasts, but they do seem to stalk me. Only the other day Scobie Breazley asked me the way to Studland. ……..seemed a bit unstable to me.
    Regarding my pension, I first tentatively applied for it in August of last year. Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end. we’d sing and laugh forever and a day……….
    Donkey Hotie x


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