Is there a link between slavery and prince george’s new playhouse?

Well it is a to do with Mr Jeremy as he surges ahead much to the chagrin of old new labourites. It doesn’t take long in historical terms for new orthodoxies to take hold and make old orthodoxies seem tired and out of date. Especially in our increasingly technological communication age. And it’s not that people forget but that they’ve never actually known. So Mr Jeremy is getting a lot of support and interest from young folk. They hear from the new labour dinosaurs about Mr Jeremy being an ‘old left winger’ and the like, but the young don’t actually know what this means. Then when they hear him talk about socialist things like nationalisation of public utilities, free education and taxing the rich it’s stuff they haven’t heard before and they think. And a wonderful answer from a 14 year old Labour Party member (14 is the age people can join the party) when asked why he was voting for Mr Jeremy: “Because I believe in socialism and he is the only socialist,” brilliant.

Soon the tts will look like the new labour dinosaurs and it will be so lovely seeing them berating the populace who just see them naked and ugly. And we will just mock them. Just had a disturbing image of tricky dicky’s dick.

And the old new labourite Liz Kendall says she will not serve in a Mr Jeremy cabinet. Very childish. Just like the time I stood for captaincy of Esher rugby club, which I mentioned a while ago, and the chairman told me to have a shadow committee in waiting as they’d all resign if I won.

We are not a ‘mature democracy’, we are an ossified, immature and very unequal country with a load of grubby men (it is still mainly men) who in their cocoon of entitlement can’t entertain losing their power and position.

Still 40%.

And whilst I’m on the subject of bureaucracy watched the second episode of the slavery programme (which focused on the massive compensation given to slave owners and you can check out the University College slavery website: and learnt that there were only 8 people who administered the massive compensation scheme. Also that for the first time ever they used a claim form that was the same for everyone. This upset many of the entitled ones who were just used to the ‘my word is my bond’ bollocks and just keep it between gentlemen. So all our modern bureaucratic bollocks started with slavery compensation. And still we are ruled by tts, kleptos and dick the spic.

Spic is a pretty offensive term apparently derived from ‘spiggoty’ which is a corruption of ‘no spik ingleses’. It originated in Central America/Caribbean so links with dick’s ancestral roots in Barbadian slavery.

See the second latest addition to the benefit scrounging windsors, george, has just had a present of a playhouse worth £18,000. And still no compensation for the ancestors of slaves.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Mr Jeremy manifesto 1: bring on republicanism.


One thought on “Is there a link between slavery and prince george’s new playhouse?

  1. So glad you enjoyed the ‘slave’ quiz. But shame on you that you only scored 4/10. I got an acceptable 8/10. It was written by my son Tom who is also an ‘angry young man’ but not quite as angry or as young as me. Jeremy’s manifesto will include provisions regarding the Royal Family. Obviously their titles will be extinguished along with any historical rights to involvement with any ‘common-wealth’ functions, formerly known as ‘state’ functions. Also they will have to pay market rent for any properties they want to continue to occupy. Apologies for the reference to the ‘market’ but it is a good benchmark as long as not distorted by the so called ‘Neo-liberals’ who are, of course, nothing of the sort – neither liberal nor new. They (the royals) will likely become personally bankrupt within a few years unless they can pull a few tricks out of the bag. Can Sarah Ferguson bail them out with her ‘trade’? There will be no formal welfare system to support them so they will have to apply to the ‘common-wealth’ for support. The word ‘Royal’ will be removed from all organisations. HMRC will be abolished – the clue is in the name. Much more to come. PS the piece about Super PACs was effing brilliant – wonderfully architected and laced with theatre. I loved the mock shock / delight when they were informed of what they could and could not to with the PAC. Another Jeremy manifesto: get rid of the ill-legal system and replace with local community based soviets.


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