Imagine Woodhenge

So within a few tawdry weeks the tts have been swarming all over the political landscape to impose their illiberal and petty class bollocks. s & m osborne meets with mucky murdoch then announces an attack on the BBC. Reduced inheritance tax, kleptos keep more money. The ‘greenest’ government ever reduces already paltry efforts to ameliorate human global warming. Vulgar attempt to get chasing and killing wild animals for ‘fun’ legal again. Allowing fracking in National Parks as well as slashing their budgets which means land being sold to private buyers, even National Parks are threatened by this bunch. And so much more, and yet we vote in these tts, like dick drax who’s only ever had a privileged life based on the inherited exploitation of slaves. I for one live in the hope that Mr Jeremy, after being elected Labour leader, goes on to expose the tts and the kleptos and all their apologists for what they really are.

One klepto I’ve mentioned a few times is mr saleem asaria, ceo of cambian, the ‘owners’ of the school I taught at. Cambian became a plc last year and saleem trousered £4.4 million from the ‘deal’. 99% of money ‘paid’ to cambian for their services comes from public monies. I, for one, don’t think that individuals should profit in such a way. This man is not an ‘entrepeneur’, he is like beardyransom and co, a carpetbagger. This term is so apposite for most, if not all, kleptos. It originated just after the American civil war when opportunists from the north went into the south to exploit the situation, they took with them fashionable bags made of carpet. It now means any outsider who is opportunistic and exploitative. There is something about not just expropriating what is essentially ‘common wealth’, but also public money that is being used for special needs young people, such as those with autism at my school, and all the psychiatric hospitals and units cambian have purloined that is unethical and immoral. It is just another example of kleptomaniacal theft.

Dear Hector sent me an email with a lovely powerpoint from school showing a spreadsheet for every student for every subject and how they’ve progressed, or otherwise, over the last year. It’s even been lovingly colour coded, with red representing no progress, ‘we’ll keep the red box tick-ed here’.

Finally a load of gladioli bulbs I planted are flowering in the garden. I also bought some for indoor display and they are comparatively cheap. Is this because they’re currently unfashionable? Anyway they look great, time for Dame Edna to make them fashionable again.

HaHa chelsea lost. One nil to the Arsenal. Watched a video clip recently where moanrinho sneakily gouged the eye of a Barcelona assistant manager. This was an assault, why wasn’t the special needs one (sorry this is disrespectful to all those with special needs, but now I think about it maybe it’s a term that has outlived it’s usefulness and we need a new, more respectful name) charged? The twat despoils all that he manages or is associated with. He started it at Porto, which is where we’re going on holiday on Saturday, and now he’s made unpleasant chelsea vastly more unpleasant. Great comment by Raphael Benitez’ wife: Rafa Benitez’s wife has joked that the Real Madrid boss has spent his career clearing up mess left by Mourinho.

I have my 6 weekly checkup tomorrow, I’ll get the results of last week’s MRI scan. I’m quite anxious, there is the possibility I will have some surgery. And this is what I have to learn to live with: that of fear of recurrence.

So shadow chancellor, a mr leslie, is the latest ‘senior labour person’ to have a go at Mr Jeremy and say he will not serve under him. Well just fuck off then, you twat, no one will notice.

I read that Mr Jeremy has suggested some quantitative easing for the common folk and not as it has been just the kleptos. Now this is a good idea as this money would be used and spread around, not just boost the wealth of a few.

Now, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. And I love my little dream that’s unfolding before my very eyes. First Mr Jeremy shakes up the moribund blairite old new labour. The tts lick their gluttonous lips and envisage some sort of reenactment of the 1980’s and the demolition of poor Mr Foot. But in my dream the people are energised by Mr Jeremy and also realise they can do more for themselves at a local level and the ‘spirit of Frome’ spreads as properly independent folk displace the arrogant, corpulent, unrepresentative, local councils. The film of lies and greed that has covered folk’s eyes is ripped away and suddenly the tts and the kleptos are properly perceived and Mr Jeremy and the Greens and other like-minded groups sweep away the tts in the election. condom cameron, s & m osborne, imbecilic doltish simpleton, shapps, de pfeffel twatface et al are left gulping for air flapping around on a deserted beach and all the kleptos are shipped to necker island to fend for themselves. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.

And Purbeck’s future independent soviet (thanks angry young man) will have Woodhenge as it’s monument:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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