Piss off racists.

Just back from hospital and given the all clear from the scan, the ‘nodules’ are almost definitely just scar tissue so no excision needed. Also had my hearing checked as I couldn’t hear a couple of things yesterday that Grace and Kate commented on, but it’s still within normal range. As I mentioned in previous blog I seem to get more anxious with each subsequent check up, but I am feeling mightily relieved today and more so when the doc said next check up will be 8 weeks, a move up from 6! Also impressed with the doc, he was one I’ve not met before and straight after introductions he told me the scan result, which is good patient centred care.

Driving to the hospital my displacement thoughts centred on being angry, for a change, but this time about a picture someone we know had posted on faceache yesterday:

Straight away I asked Kate if anyone had objected or countered this, apparently not. The current Calais/migrant stuff is really appalling on so many levels, but the main one is the racist bollocks that spews from the racist twats. They have absolutely no empathy or understanding of the situation, they simply react ignorantly and offensively. Oh here you go again Duncan, you bleedin’ heart liberal twat. And yet, this is somehow worse than what happened 50 or so years ago when establishments would have signs in their windows stating ‘no Irish, blacks or dogs’ and the like. Since then there has been better race relations, improved race history education, anti-racism legislation and yet many still choose to be racist. We are a mongrel nation, there are no ‘pure bred’ English, even our royal family are are a particularly mongrel group.

Talking to Hector about it and he said imagine how many would react in this country if Cleethorpes were ‘invaded’ like Magaluf is by drunken, boorish brits, but this time by Swedes? We are a very one-eyed nation, when we go to live/work elsewhere we call ourselves ‘expats’ not the immigrants that we actually are. We’ve been involved with military invasion, military attack and economic exploitation of maybe more countries and people in the world than any other in history and yet people still want to come here. Ideally we would be proud of this, instead we have the small-minded bollocks typified by the picture above. Imagine all the people sharing all the world…………………………

So Selfridge’s opened it’s christmas shop yesterday. Mustn’t get in the way of people buying what they want whenever they want, but if it’s escaping persecution or intolerable conditions then you migrants can piss off.

Heard another of the etonian swarm on the radio today, jo johnson (de pfeffel twatface’s brother) going on about ‘improving’ the teaching at universities. Beware you lecturers, ofsted looms.

And in similar vein Stephen Moss writing about private school’s moaning of the ‘favouritism’ shown by ‘elite’ universities show towards state schools. Shreddies spewed from my mouth, the absolute effrontery of them. Enough, get behind Mr Jeremy to not just get rid of their charitable status but get rid of them completely. As Mr Moss writes:

“The benefits will be huge. When private schools are no longer seen as a fast track to the top universities, parents will opt for state schools, balancing their intakes, putting more pressure on them to perform (these tend to be the sharpest-elbowed parents in the business),and undermining the most socially divisive force in British society. Private schools can then concentrate on their 21st-century task: educating the children of Russian oligarchs and Chinese billionaires.”

See the blairites are already plotting a coup against Mr Jeremy if he wins. Twats. If he does win and becomes prime minister then we might get a ‘Very British Coup’. These people are so immature, if they don’t get what they want then they simply try to take the ball and say they’re not playing. I blame private schools, especially eton.

mr heath, an abuser? Who’d have thought it?

And mr howard had nothing to do with the corruption of soma gas and oil, why he’s only chairman of the company.

Kate feels very lucky to have Marge as her friend. Marge lives in Aussieland where Kate’s son Jaike is now and Kate feels very happy that he is with Marge.

Pension tracker on 40%.

Keep on keeping on, except you racist fuckers, love Duncan

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