Hangry compensation.

So hangry has entered our lexicon, meaning ‘bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger’. Kate kept pointing out this state of affairs to me whilst on our holiday in Porto in relation to the occasional irascible state of the adolescent ones with us. The karmic consequence of this was the frequency of it being either beero’clock or wineo’clock.

Brilliant piece by Frankie Boyle about the Labour leadership, describing every photo of the candidates as being like the staff of a failing comprehensive being photobombed by the janitor. I won’t look at another photo of them without thinking this from now on.

I quite like my hair now, it’s thick and curly. Grace wants me to keep hair shorter as she will no longer be embarrassed going up to old white-haired ladies and hugging them thinking they’re me!

Also included in the new word list is pocket dial: inadvertently calling someone with your phone in your pocket. I inadvertently did this with my Porto tumble as soon after the incident a number of people were texting me. On checking my phone I discovered I’d inadvertently sent a number of sleep alerts, including a few to the chemo emergency number. After Julie also reported a recent tumble I replied with the idea of creating some sort of old folk’s tumble club, any other wannabe members out there? To join you have to be at least 55 years old and the tumble can’t be an alcohol or other drug related affair. Any ideas for a name and a logo?

Had a coffee with my old mate Mike today and we were both relating holiday related stories and concluded that before any holiday you need to agree on what you don’t want as well as what you do want. He also had good news, only a year after beginning proceedings he’s received a letter from teachers pensions finally stating that everything’s been sorted and payment is imminent. I also found out today that the final task for my pension has been started which is to calculate what I’ll get, stands on 20%. Mike reached this stage 6 months ago!

Writing of pension pots mr saleem, cambian ceo (cambian have my old school in it’s portfolio), has a large one developing. I did a little more research today and read about how ‘ the company’s ipo (initial public offering) will be restricted to UK and US institutional shareholders to raise £20m of new money for the company to “assist in retaining and incentivising employees” as well as exploring value accretive acquisitions’ (from daily torygraph). From bloomberg I found out that mr saleem’s stock options for last year included £5m as part of a long term incentive plan and £3.98m for ‘all other compensation’. So to my financially naive eyes it looks as though almost half of the £20m ‘new money’ has been used to assist and incentivise mr saleem, because a basic salary of only £450,000 is not enough ‘compensation’. Unless someone can explain otherwise to simple old me.

Now that nice Mr Jeremy has said he will target the ‘ludicrous’ pay that ‘top’ people pay themselves. Me and Mr Jeremy against the kleptos.

But Mr Jeremy’s economic, and his other policies, are dubbed ‘extreme’ and yet latest figures seem to show that between 2011 and 2014 2380 people have died after being declared ‘fit for work’ by the department for work and pensions. Now to simple old me that seems extreme. Only 4 years 8 months and a few days of this duplicitous shower to go.

Other new words cartoon:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


One thought on “Hangry compensation.

  1. Duncan, yes my anger is burning bright red. The Labour leadership contest is heading only one way … and the likes of Blair have only themselves to blame. Do they not have possession of a mirror? Anger at the moment directed against the banks – lots to tell about this. About to embark on a massive PR / legal initiative which will see their filth wiped off the face of the earth.


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