Mr Bliar down the rabbit hole.

Passed a number of folk on their way to a wedding yesterday and again I observe that male wedding attire is pretty dull, as ever it’s just suits and ties. Now I’m not suggesting that us males in any way compete with females, but surely it’s also a big day for the groom and other menfolk. In my younger days I mainly wore white, red and pink to weddings. For my two weddings  to Kate (greedy so and so’s having 2 weddings) I wore a long raspberry pink jacket. But we live in conservative times. Despite it being still the early days of the ‘information age’ it feels as if this apparent information overload reinforces the forces of conservatism. Maybe the fear of having an appearance that doesn’t conform to the prevailing norm being instantly paraded before the world of social media and resultant ridicule reinforces conformity.

Poor Kate suffering from illness I’ve passed on to her. Funny how the same illness, one can assume from the same virus, causes different symptoms. For me after I my throat got sore the infection moved into my ears, Kate’s affected her larynx and she’s gone all Mariella Frostrup.

Had a brief chat with a salesman from O2 yesterday trying to flog me a phone update, I have an old style Nokia phone which boasts a torch and an FM radio and he offered the latest Nokia. I was briefly tempted. Reading today about the latest gun atrocity in yankland where the killer filmed the atrocity with a GoPro camera and thinking about how much is filmed and photographed now I’ve decided not to upgrade. We’re being overwhelmed by visual imagery, it’s really beginning to distort our being. It is detaching us from our existence in the physical world, as if it doesn’t exist unless we photograph or film it.

One aspect that I jokingly alluded to from our Porto trip, when Kate tripped, was the apparent detachment of the younger folk from the actuality of Kate’s misfortune and their compulsion to get on the bus with the free wifi and stare at their screens. I fear that if I arm myself with such a phone I too may succumb. That all that is around us is either viewed through a screen or merely as potential for screening.

So mr bliar accuses us Corbynistas of living like Alice, twat. He claims not to be able to understand why anyone would want to vote for such a ’70’s throwback’. Well for one, as a headline has it; rather the 1970’s with Mr Jeremy than the 1870’s with the torytwats. But more to the point more are questioning what’s been going on since the late 1970’s and all that so-called ‘neoliberalism’ has brought about, particularly the hegemony of the ‘market’ and obscene inequality. We of the pitchfork wing of the reclamation from the kleptos, including you mr klepto bliar, are supporting Mr Jeremy not in some sort of fantasy but in the hope that life can be better for more. Here’s a paragraph from his delusional piece:

“Because it is a vast wave of feeling against the unfairness of globalisation, against elites, against the humdrum navigation of decision-making in an imperfect world, it persuades itself that it has a monopoly on authenticity. They’re “telling it like it is”, when, of course, they’re telling it like it isn’t.”

Now to my simple eyes, and not viewed through a lens, there is massive contradiction here, mr bliar’s cognitive dissonance. If it is the case that there is ‘unfairness of globalisation’, and there is now ample evidence of obscene inequality courtesy of Mr Picketty and foodbanks and the like, then Mr Jeremy telling it ‘like it is’ is not telling it like it isn’t. You’re talking absolute bollocks mr. bliar so fuck off and give away all your wealth except that which you need for a fairly comfortable existence, like, I’m sure, your ample pension.

And anyway, who are you to lecture others when not only did you take us into a very dodgy war but then, unbelievably, except maybe in some sort of ‘looking glass world’, you’re made ‘peace envoy’ for the Middle East, on a fair wage I’ll wager, and do very little except line your own duplicitous pockets and certainly do nothing to prevent the rise of isis and facilitate making the world a more dangerous place. You twat.

‘Fraid I’ll have to disagree with the wonderful Mr Gil Scott Heron, the revolution will be televised and filmed and photographed on millions of phones and GoPros.

Listened to Kanye West’s ‘Lost in the World/Who will survive in America?’ eulogy played at Heron’s funeral, very powerful, very moving and a great antidote to mr bliar’s bollocks.

Anyone feel sorry for cheslski and moanrinho?

Can’t wait to see and hear what angry young man is planning re. the kleptonic banks.

Just heard that Oliver Sacks has just died, loved his books. First one I read was ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat’ and caused me much thought.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

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