Sir Les for president.

I don’t like this crabby cancerous crap. In the olden days, and I know getting older changes perspectives too, if one felt unwell, even if one was a little hypochondriacal, one never really thought one would die, that one would wake the following morning feeling OK and life would meander on. Last week this swelling began developing on my forehead, the usual suspects came to mind: spots, boils and little beasty bites. It persisted, fortunately my slightly longer, lusher hair hid the hideous swelling, but during that horrible time in the early hours lying in bed when one’s thoughts are gloomiest; is it a cancerous growth? Does my still sore throat signify new or continuing cancers?

Went to the doctor’s yesterday and he prescribed antibiotics saying it is an infection but if it worsens come back straight away. Sort of a mixed message. Seems smaller today. But is this a harbinger of my life for a while yet? Kate’s suggested some counselling.

Final bit of my pension on 60% which I think means that they will be sending a letter soon saying what it will be. Mr Hector finally got his last week, hurrah. One of the many things that pisses me off is that us of the ‘lower orders’ are treated so disdainfully, especially by those who exploit us. I am absolutely sure that, to give but one example, a mr saleem asaria (ceo klepto of cambian, the company which ‘owns’ the school at which I worked) would not have to wait so long and be so financially challenged and discomfited as Mr Hector and I have been in waiting for our pensions to be sorted.

And as more of our public services are siphoned off to the kleptos there is rapidly accumulating evidence of their sociopathic greed. But one example is within the arena of ‘free’ and ‘academy’ schools where many kleptos find many ways to line their pockets. One example is a headteacher of one of these ‘new’ schools who employed a teaching assistant to basically do a teacher’s job on the outrageous salary of £5ooo and then claimed a percentage of the money saved as part of their increased salary (a tad more than £5K I’ll wager).

My wagers are going quite well of late for a change. Wish I’d put a few pounds on Mr Jeremy winning when he was first nominated. Very fair and balanced Panorama programme last night about Mr Jeremy by john ware. It was actually about as fair and balanced as something by fox news (murdoch’s shit news channel stateside). But it highlights the sort of crap which will be thrown at him and Labour if he’s announced the winner on Saturday. He will of course find it impossible to represent all the hopes and wishes of so many like myself, but hopefully, if elected, he will continue to energise and engage. One little thing I wish for is that in prime minister’s questions he simply repeats his questions until condom answers them rather than condom just attacking the questioner like he did with millibean.

If a book you’re reading is ‘unputdownable’ how do you go to the toilet or drive?

In education ‘outstanding’ is the new ‘average’.

So the Aussie republicans are agitating for growing up a little and getting rid of mrs windsor as their head of state, seems very sensible to me and I’d love to see Barry Humphries as pres.

 I once dressed as Sir Les for New Year in Swanage and it was my best effort to date. It was weirdly liberating spilling food and drink down myself.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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