Come on join the band…………………………

So less than an hour ago Kate and I were sat watching the Labour leadership results with tears streaming down our faces as Mr Jeremy won absolutely resoundingly, soppy twats. What were we getting so emotional for, I haven’t cried since bliar was elected leader? We were crying because it felt as if, at last, a curtain was being opened and hopeful light illuminating our dark, benighted country. There will be all sorts of shit spouted by all sorts of shits. The blairites, whilst initially and begrudgingly recognising Mr Jeremy’s overwhelming mandate will then say “but”. But will become the default word for so many of them, just listen and see how early you can sense and predict the coming but.

So we’ll have the Tom and Jerry show.

And all this the day after I joined the ranks of the kleptos as monies were deposited in our account from teacher’s pension. All too brief a membership though as we paid off our debts, many accrued over recent months and alongside my deteriorating credit rating, thanks cambian……………oh let it go Duncan you sad and boring old git, move on.

So part of my moving on was a hair cut the other day, Kerry the hair cutress said my hair looked like a bob. And I was just getting used to and liking my new curly look, even had a nifty quiff evolving. So the curls have gone and many say how young I look, another possible positive for chemo and radiotherapy as the body recovers and new cells come forth. Might be a marketing opportunity here?

Kate and I had a short break last weekend to recover from our holiday, went to Stratford on Avon and it was a very pleasant surprise. The place is lovely, we saw a play called Volpone in the magnificent Swan Theatre. I’d bought the last 2 tickets for the show, £5 ‘standing’ tickets in ‘the gods’. A client of Kate’s said that she always bought these tickets then at half time moved to unoccupied stall seats. We did this and it added to the whole experience watching from 2 very different perspectives.

Still feels weird coming to terms with retirement but I should embrace the ‘new me’, the ‘new view’. This seemed to help me as I’ve suddenly found myself paying for 2 music streaming thingys. We’ve had spotify for a few years and my main playlist is over a week long but I’ve decided to abandon spotify and give google play music a go, one reason was they have Slade’s My Oh My.

Check out The Delines, beautiful music, thanks Hector.

Oh brave new dawn, watch out you Scot Nats or maybe, just maybe, Mr Jeremy will begin to forge an anti-tt, corporate klepto amalgam.  And so the good news continues as Everton are 2 up against chelski!

And now the tts, the kleptos and others will join together in a massive anti-Jeremy shitfest and the more they attack him the stronger he’ll become.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Come on join the band…………………………

  1. Tom and Jerry – love it! I watched his victory speech and it almost brought a tear to my eye. So refreshing. Don’t forget I CALLED IT. He sounds like a proper ‘angry young man’ after me own. I have never heard him speak before, but he comes across as someone with genuine authority – leadership based on example not presumption. This could be quite interesting. I hope and think it will not go down the Greek crap route. On other matters, the cricket is going quite well, looking forward to the rugby, hoping RF smashes the sinister Joker tomorrow and hoping the Chelski lose again today. Pip pip. On a more serious note I do think we need to do more than just ‘vote’ if we want real change – let’s see what happens, but you heard it here first. Nevertheless, Jerry’s success will do nothing to harm our cause. Shame Tony Benn not here to see it.


  2. Brought out the goosebumps with your Benn comment. And as I frequently advocate, extol and rant we do need to do more, especially at the local level. And Everton 3 chelski 1, moanrinho for the axe and relegation contenders, oh happy day.


  3. Yep, happy days indeed. I bet it almost seems like the ‘cancer crap’ is irrelevant now. Been reading a book recently which is a little (very abridged) chronicle of Benn’s diaries, speeches etc. Quite anachronistic and naive in a way, but very interesting for the historical context. Every prediction he made went the other way. Maybe a man ahead of his time – something I have been accused of. A backhanded compliment, but I will take any. The Grantham housewife’s simple home economics struck a chord with the electorate (including my Mum) when it was clear that the shit that had gone before (probably more Heath’s fault than Callaghan’s) was going horribly wrong. It wasn’t the philosophy that was wrong; it was the execution. Effing muppets! So, then we had Thatcher – a very stupid woman. I do get the ‘home economics’ idea that you can’t have ‘public money’ being spent to pay for businesses to produce products that no-one want’s to buy. Read ‘Back from the Brink’ by Michael Edwardes:
    What a twat he was, but surely we can do better than that. Thatcher’s almost catatonic insistence on ‘the market’ created a culture of sheer greed which has been extraordinarily damaging. We should be focusing on the heart and soul not just the money. Applies to each of us personally as well as the community at large. Maybe she will learn and be a better person in the afterlife. In the meantime, end of sermon. Good evening all as Dixon of Dock Green (Callaghan) would have said.


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