Mr Jeremy eats babies and sleeps with sheep.

It feels weird, having waited so frustratingly long to get my pension sorted and to suddenly have a load of money in our account, somehow seems unreal. Anyway I’ve blown it all already on a world cruise, a porsche and a facelift. We did go out on the town on Friday night and went to a wedding the following night and paid for it yesterday in ways other than monetary. I did actually buy a saxophone yesterday, sorry in advance neighbours.

So reading Woy Hattersley today giving his old grandee patrician style bollocks. On one level I can understand why the likes of him think and speak the way they do as they have existed within a very singular paradigm for so long and the thought of something different cannot be entertained. We all know the narrative from the late 70’s on and the likes of Hattersley can only frame Mr Jeremy’s leadership within the confines of that stale narrative; that he’s some sort of hard left throwback, it’s Michael Foot all over again and the ‘moderates’ like himself will again have to suffer the abuse they experienced whilst they were ‘modernising’ Labour.

What is forgotten too easily in this is that but for a very unfortunate heart attack the narrative may have been very different, events dear boy, events. Who knows what a John Smith led government would have been like, very different to mr bliar’s that’s for sure. We can but hope that bliarism and ‘new labour’ can be squeezed into an ever smaller triangle and quietly put in a bin. Hattersley’s first paragraph about Mr Jeremy is appalling, it ends thus: “One other biographical fact is worth a mention. He is incapable of leading the Labour party to victory at the next general election.” Arrogant wanker.

And all those resigning like tristram hunt in petty little huffs, they too cannot compute an alternative. Let’s briefly think about what has happened since the late 70’s, especially the unbelievable greed of the kleptos and the myths they and their cheerleaders espouse. Is there really only this ‘neoliberal, market led option’? Listened to one of the many apologists for this on the Toady show this morning, worked for the ‘Adam Smith institute’, predictably decrying Mr Jeremy. What these tossers don’t understand is even the basics of what Mr Smith said and wrote, they just use bits that seem to support their narrow orthodoxy. For example Mr Smith wrote: ‘No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the greater part of the members are poor and miserable’, he understood that greed and the market need controlling.

Anyway I remember back in the 70’s when I was a callow youth discussing communism with a mother of one of my school mates and her saying how everyone’s the same in communist countries. Well look where the last few decades have brought us? We go on a family holiday to lovely Porto and all the kids ask “is there wifi?” Wifi, the soma of our age. Kate and I anticipate lots of new culinary tastes; the adolescents get most animated seeing a fucking mcdonalds. We go shopping in the same shops as here and in the rest of the world, although Kate and I were tickled to see a C&A!

Very weird thing yesterday, we were walking around the festival field at the Swanage Folk Festival when we came upon a stall with a black man selling golliwogs. We both felt very uncomfortable.

Just re-reading Tony Judt’s ‘Ill Fares the Land’ in which he makes ‘a passionate case for a return of real values to politics’, a very pertinent book and a brilliant analysis of what’s been happening. A flavour: ‘the selfish amoralism of thatcher and reagan gave way to the vacant phrase-making of baby-boom politicians. Under clinton and bliar, the Atlantic world stagnated smugly’.

Time for another Kliban:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Mr Jeremy eats babies and sleeps with sheep.

  1. The problem with the Labour Party is that it is 2 parties artificially squeezed into 1, mainly because the participants want to be elected and know that a split vote means guaranteed failure in their primary objective.


  2. Slow to pick up on this one…… but I take your point Nitram, and that’s what I’ve always liked about the Tories. They haven’t got the iconvenient strife of having to square principle with pragmatics – they are purely pragamatic. And pretty good at it IMO. I always remember my wise friend who said “Sometimes Mark, you have to rise above principle”. I never will ….. but that’s why I have no power, I guess


  3. Power without principle is ying without yang and gives us vw and ids (induced death syndrome). Have you seen footage (why’s it not handage?) of the tts conference? It’s frightening. And weird. Full of yangless weirdos. Their demise is nigh. (put apposite emoticon here)


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