The centre ground

It will soon be the anniversary of getting my diagnosis, I’ve at least almost made 1 year. So I will be cogitating over the nature of this bleedin’ blog. Also been cogitating over the nature of retirement, even though it is simply retirement from teaching. Had a retirement bash earlier in the year in the local pub but have yet to have the send off from school mentioned by various senior managers since February, the longer it takes to happen the more my memory of the place and the people wanes. Likewise their memory of me; things move on and already my old class no longer exists. A number of years ago I printed off a number of little pictures of sunflowers and stuck them in many unlikely places around the school. Made me smile for many years as a few remained in place. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering about what sort of legacy we leave.

Wasn’t going to write today but read a piece about the tts and how they don’t want to destroy Mr Jeremy per se but the whole Labour Party. They are doing this by ‘occupying the centre ground’. As I think a little more about this concept the more ridiculous it appears. Of course it has an initial simplistic appeal, the ‘centre ground between left and right’ a simple concept exploited by mr bliar and co. What I think happens in this process is that a party or movement becomes diluted or unravels as increasing contradictions appear, look to what’s happened with new labour. I am certainly not arguing for any sort of ideological purity, of course there can be and should be change and development for example in current times with all the new technology. I, for one, look forward to condom features and s&m leading the tts into bliar style oblivion, it will unravel quicker than bliarism (they follow his model). Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep.

Off to blow me sax now.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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