An anniversary.

One year ago to the day I was given my crabby diagnosis, at this very time Kate and I were sat in shock at a Poole cafe. It was a lovely sunny day but claw shaped clouds loomed all around. I am now tumour free, but it’s five years before they give the ‘all clear’. I wouldn’t be in the place I am now were it not for Kate, she’s been the rock that crabby old me has hidden under. Now I’m getting more involved in life again and beginning to look forward to the coming years. Just booked our summer holiday for next year, even earlier than last year! Another attempt to keep everyone happy, especially for Kate to have some sun so we’re off to Rhodes, in July. And this is beginning to sound like a fucking round robin.

So I’m in the pub last night with Hector and his soccer sidekicks and moanrinho comes up. A couple say they like him using the justification of him providing pantomine. Well if that’s the best in his support it’s extremely thin. Although I think being the back end of a panto cow would be appropriate, or even the front end of a dead panto pig with his mouth open. He’s a disgrace and the sooner association footie adopts new technology like all other sports do now the sooner he can be retired to be a panto baddie.

Apropos of whinging from ‘business leaders’ and the like with the impending ‘living wage’ came across this comment from down under:

“A ‘living wage’ is old hat in Australia, having been the foundation of our industrial relations system through the Sunshine Harvester case -“In 1907, an arbitration court judge decided that wages at a Melbourne factory should be based on the cost of living for a worker and his family. From then on, Australia’s minimum wage was based on what was fair and reasonable rather than what the employer was offering.The decision was made in the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration, just a few years after Federation in 1901 as the laws of the new nation were being developed.”

The challenge to that has come through the doodle-yanking ‘multinational business’ model based on the discredited C18th ‘greed is good’ ‘economists’, the inheritors of which have screwed every economy they’ve been allowed to get their grubby hands on.Pity the Poms didn’t have their revolution when the French had theirs.

Justice Higgins, the judge on the case, decided that the test of a fair and reasonable wage was ‘the normal needs of the average employee regarded as a human being living in a civilized community’. He also said that the pay of the employee should not be dependent on the profits of the employer.”

Trouble is the tts and kleptos have a very skewed idea of a civilized community.

Now I know why every time I get a car and read what it’s mpg is and it never seems close.

Will have a little drink tonight to celebrate living a year since diagnosis, maybe a good bottle of red. We’ll keep the red wine flowing here.

So I’ll also have to celebrate with another Kliban (especially for Kate):

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

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