Happy anniversary.

What is it with companies currently? Before you’ve even finished doing any business with them, often soon after you start online,  they’re asking you to do a bleedin’ survey to give them feedback about their service. Think that I’ll start doing the surveys stating that the surveys are shit. I think we need a survey of surveys.

Intense match on Saturday and despite being upset at England losing I really have to hand it to the Welsh, even though decimated by injury they pulled off a mighty victory. I am a quarter Welsh, Jones, so I’m a bit Smith and Jones. Whilst watching the game Hector commented on the Welshness of the Welsh players names. Being the twat I am I immediately said Falateau?  Also being the eternal optimist and looking for the outrageous bet I’ll be backing England and Fiji to top the group.

As the terms of my pension mean I’m not to do any work I’ll have to develop other money making schemes that don’t involve work, bit like the kleptos. To start I’m going to turn duncansunctions into a plc, ostensibly to raise money for expansion, R&D and retain staff and then keep the money for myself. Much like mr asaria of cambian plc. Also have  begun a new betting regime today.

I had promised Kate that I’d ‘let it go’ with regard to all my years of frustration with the state of current teaching but I’m afraid I can’t resist. During my ‘goodbye’ visit to the school last week I was informed that they were undergoing an inspection. I immediately asked “what, an ofsted?” but was told it was an ‘internal’ whereby an inspector employed by cambian does a mock inspection, ostensibly to prepare for a full ofsted inspection. Something that happens in all state schools. A significant aspect of these ‘mock’ inspections that I don’t believe is properly understood by senior managers is the effect it has on classroom staff. Now I know there is all sorts of managerial justification for this and they spout emollient words to staff such as ‘just carry on as normal’, ‘we know you’re outstanding, just carry on doing what you normally do’ and the like. And yet all teachers experience excessive stress and anxiety as their work is observed and judged. All part of a dysfunctional system that has little to do with education and continues to create an arid, distorted and dispiriting environment, So sad when education could and should be so much better.

Just had a happy anniversary from WordPress so this blog is a year old today.

It is so refreshing to at last have mainstream opposition to all the tts ‘austerity’ bollocks instead of constant hammering of the poor and disenfranchised alongside pandering towards the kleptos. Yes it has been class war, perpetrated by the tts and kleptos, dressed up in weasel words and now, at last, there is some rebalancing. Lovely to watch and listen to Mr Varoufakis on Question Time last week. He confirmed that it is class war and that the government has chosen to wield it against the already dispossessed. I hope that they not only go for the easier kleptonic targets such as corporations, ceos and the like but also look at what underpins much inequality which is land ownership. Let’s park a load of caravans on the drax estate, well he did say when questioned in the hustings about the housing crisis that people could live in caravans. The drax caravan park.

Another very entertaining piece by Mr Stewart Lee about the tts, the following made me laugh out loud:

“All Conservatives’ interactions with culture of any form, from the very idea of public broadcasting itself down to a punk rock B-side, end in confusion. They are like dogs listening to human conversations, the puzzled twitching of their heads sometimes mistaken for understanding.”

Well I’m with Mr Meacher and mendacious mandelson being expelled from the party for bringing it into disrepute. I think it only fair and I think m&m will be more comfortable with the tts as he is with the rich.

And off to have the camera down my nose and throat again tomorrow and a reunion of the new view bunch on Thursday.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Happy anniversary.

  1. Good luck with the nasal camera. Not pleasant, but we could make a good ‘art house’ film out of the years footage. ‘Tunnel Vision’?
    Soundtrack could be choice from : Mogwai, Yo La Tengo or Andy Stewart ‘You take the high road……’?
    Shame about Billy Valpolicella (b. Penistone, Yorks. 1990)
    Keep on ……
    Corbyn & son x


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