Time for a grown-up debate about private schools.

Lovely letter in today’s Grauniad (deep joy, my first Monday delivery for many months) commenting on how well the England rugby team sang the national anthem and as recent Mr Jeremy criticisms attest this is all that matters. I’ve commented watching recent games that I find it a tad disappointing that there isn’t at least one republican in the team.

Just had a very funny photo sent by Kate’s good Kiwi friend Marge:

England have secured their place for the next round.

And also by finishing third in their group a place in the next world cup, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

A while ago I mentioned George Monbiot’s thinking and writing about what he terms the abuse of being sent to boarding school (now all my lovely friends and family, don’t get all defensive because you sent your children to private boarding school there is probably good cause for some boarding but not the institutionalised, class-ridden bollocks that has so ill-served our country for so long) and an article from last week by a Mr Nick Duffell supports George’s views:  http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/jun/09/boarding-schools-bad-leaders-politicians-bullies-bumblers

I for one sincerely hope that when Mr Jeremy becomes prime minister there is a full and proper review of education in general and the place of private schools in particular. This is not the politics of envy it is the sensible politics of looking properly at the state of our education system. Can it be fair or right that for the vast majority of us our whole lives are essentially determined by who we’re born to? I’m also thinking of those poor unfortunates who are ripped from their families at a tender age and then suffer a lifelong emotional disability (for example just gaze upon mr jeremy hunt’s weird smile, it’s his default defence, and why so many of us laugh at Steve Bell’s latest cameron caricature). As a country and a society we have much to gain from this.

I also think there will be other positive knock-on effects (deliberate rugby analogy) because for as long as we continue with our class-ridden bollocks the longer we’ll be viewed with such disdain by so many others in the world. Marge’s wonderful photo captures this. We do have some vestiges of prestige in the world, for example the BBC, but if the tts and kleptos get their way that will soon be murdochrotised. Send your emails and letters to Mr Jeremy and perhaps we can get this on the agenda. Eton as a comprehensive, what a lovely vision but the ‘establishment’ and the ‘elite’ won’t allow it and will fight with incredible nastiness so a touch or two of the old pitchfork prongs may be necessary.

I know it will be incredibly hard for the likes of condom features, s&m and de pfeffel twatface as their defensive psyches will not allow any such thoughts and even de pfeffel’s studied buffoonery will not disguise his deep dysfunction. It’s taken me a long time to become aware of what happened to me at grammar school and try and change, how much harder for those who boarded at weird private schools. We’ve suffered too long under the yoke of which private schools are a major underpinning.

RIP Dennis, I’ll miss his eyebrows. And RIP John’s mum.

And a wonderful description of John Lydon’s singing being like “a dalek singing disco”.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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