I wonder why English rugby is the way it is?

Just when you thought you couldn’t hate these people more, up pops another Hunt.

Stole the line from a comment in Grauniad online.

So a mr ritchie from the manor of Twickenham has, in the manner of your typical English boss, not taken any responsibility for England’s rugby failure. This is the ceo of the rugby football union who last month stated that he would take ultimate responsibility if England fail. They did and he has instigated a review of only Lancaster and the coaching team. This is typical not just of the rfu, a very typical example of an ‘old school’ english institution, but of many english institutions typically lorded over by white, male members of the establishment. And guess what else they have in common? They all went to private schools. God save our private schools for they will continue to keep this country in the moribund state it has been in for so long.

They really do operate an ‘old school tie system’ only employing those that reflect back to them what they see in their mirrors every morning. The rfu is a rotten system, it is easily the richest rugby union in the world with way more players than any other country and yet………………..they consistently underperform.

Why is this?

It’s certainly not a lack of good enough players, there are many but we don’t trust them, or rather because of the narrow mindset of the dysfunctional men ‘at the top’ who have been created by our class ridden, private school educated system (read the article I referred to in the last blog) they cannot think beyond their very limited belief system.

And English rugby will remain such until things change.

I am available for the post of changing the culture of English rugby.

It also goes some way to explaining the hunts of this world.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

One thought on “I wonder why English rugby is the way it is?

  1. It was strange watching the ‘game’ with my half tam o’ shanter on. I started off wanting England to win but, once it was obvious that they weren’t as good as the Aussies, I found it faintly amusing. Algthough that’s really only because of the hysterical England-biased ‘UK’ media coverage beforehand (which really pisses off everyone north of the border, btw).
    Anyhow, Dunc. The answer to your question (as you have suggested) is that the English rugby management insist upon hamstringing themselves by only selecting from a rarified pool of ‘our sort’ (who have in turn rendered themselves weak by shagging their own cousins for the last millenium).
    Keep angering on,
    M XXX


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