On laughing out loud at a cartoon.

For those of you with a sensitive disposition look away as Steve Bell’s cartoon today is horribly brilliant. On the surface it is crass and crude as well as being laugh out loud funny (shouldn’t you have just written lol?). A number of years ago Mr Bell began drawing the bullingdon bully as a condom: Bell writes: “When I first drew David Cameron at a party conference I saw smoothness and a distinct air of plausibility… the more I saw of Cameron, the more his smoothness seemed to develop and encompass all his other features.

“His well-upholstered, upper-class plumpness and his big, watery eyes were bound up more and more in his baby-bottom complexion. His smoothness soon seemed to take on an other-worldly quality, a kind of androgynous sleekness that accompanied his transformation of the erstwhile “Nasty party” into the Sunshine, Springtime and Fluffy Cloud party…

“Then came the prolonged expenses scandal and Cameron’s energetic protestations of complete transparency. The only fully transparent organism that I could think of was a jellyfish; either that or, what was it about those odd folds of skin from his ear to his neck? A balloon that’s been twisted.

“This January the Tories’ first election billboard appeared, with Cameron’s supposedly airbrushed face looming large on the left. But I knew, having inspected him at close quarters, that he really was that smooth. He was going to cut the deficit, not the NHS. Total moral opportunism combined with a complete, engorged and erectile sense of his own responsibility. Thus it was that the condom unrolled over his smooth head. It seemed so perfect and so apt, to me at least, and so after some initial opposition, I elected to run with it.”

from:  http://jonslattery.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/steve-bell-why-i-put-cameron-in-condom.html

Apparently condom cameron has asked Mr Bell to desist from drawing him so, one can imagine it: “come come Steve, you’ve had your fun and we can all see the funny side but it’s wearing a little thin now, could you please withdraw now”. To Mr Bell this only ensures he’ll continue.

Now add all the posturing as the tts spin all their deceitful taking of the ‘centre ground’, the absolute bollocks of them being the party of the workers, s&m being bob the builder and the like. Their smugness at being back in their ‘natural position of power’.

So, look away now if you’re of a sensitive disposition:

Steve Bell 08.10.15

And yesterday as I was waiting in the health centre waiting room to get my sore throat checked one of my former pupils came in for an appointment. I watched him for a while interacting with his care worker before I said hello. He spotted me straight away, a big smile lit up his face and he said my name. He walked over, we shook hands and so began about a 15 minute conversation with him talking about his ‘obsessions’ which are primarily regarding political leaders. He spoke quite loudly and said how he was disappointed that condom features had won the last election and was disappointed that Mr Milliband hadn’t won. I said that it was a rare thing to hear such things being said in such a public space as a doctors waiting room in little old Swanage.

He also loudly listed in order from the first all the actors who have played the master in Dr Who.

It was good to see him again.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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