Journalists eh?

We need a better media if the world, or at least the human centric world, is to survive. There are so many levels and aspects of our dysfunctional media that any proper debate, let alone proper presentation of any facts or positions, is extremely difficult. There are all the obvious culprits: powerful people and corporations controlling ‘output’, appealing to the lowest common denominators and to folk’s baser instincts and the relatively recent phenomena of social media that as soon as anyone ventures an idea or opinion then it’s attacked and people abused and threatened. But reading ‘notebook’ in today’s Grauniad by Mr Gary Younge triggered new thoughts for me. He related how at a social gathering a journalist opined that Mr Jeremy had already lost the election, but he’s just won one replied Mr Gary adding “Are we talking about 2020 in the past tense now?” The journalist became ireful and stated that as journalists “We’re supposed to analyse and make predictions”.

Now let’s deconstruct that statement. So many journalists, who remain pretty powerful opinion formers, don’t analyse properly and do make snap predictions. And these predictions often typically follow the prevailing tropes. Any analysis is skewed to fit the prediction. For example they haven’t bothered to analyse the irresistible rise of Mr Jeremy in any meaningful way and blindly follow the agendas set by so-called ‘opinion formers’. They don’t even apply any thoughtful reflection, and don’t get me going on them having any reflexivity as they (warning: Duncan bias in operation) are typically privately educated, have followed the singular path to their current positions including unpaid internships supported by wealthy parents and been subjected only to a narrow self-reflecting culture. This is why that journalist was upset by Mr Younge asking simple questions and making simple observations that hadn’t figured in her thinking.

As is becoming increasingly obvious our recently developed ‘meritocracy’ has rather rapidly ossified into a ‘closed shop’. My argument then has it that within this rather narrow self-referential hierarchy certain tropes rapidly incubate and soon become the prevailing ‘gospel’, such as Mr Jeremy will lose the 2020 general election.

And as soon as the tts are in power alone again they allow the first new grammar school to be created in that educationally benighted county that is Kent. Further evidence, as if we need any, that condom features talks bollocks when he spouts on about wanting equality. Just look at the evidence on selective education.

de pfeffel twatface bully, he was playing TOUCH rugby, the clue is in the name. And the funny thing is the little 10 year old boy brought him down. What an absolute twat.

Off to Spain today to see my mum and a little family holiday.

Just looked for a cartoon about journalistic bias and most were about liberal/left wing bias in the media. Wonder what that’s about?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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