Yes it’s the same the whole world over…………………

“The government has volunteered to make debt reduction a greater public purpose than the ends for which the public sector is designed.” A line from Will Hutton which so resonated with me that this particular blog was immediately begun. Yesterday my daughter Grace asked me what did being left and right wing mean, such  a simple question that both excited and concerned me. Excited because it indicated what a thoughtful daughter I have and I’d been given the opportunity to explain my understanding of left and right politics. It concerned me because I wanted to give an objective answer and not include too much of my beliefs. My response was OK, I think, but you’ll have to check with Grace.

However, the sentence from Mr Will encapsulates much that differentiates between left and right. I believe the left want to create conditions in which society is fairer and there is greater opportunity and equality for the many and that the state can play a big part in this. The right see this as a ‘burden’ and it’s up to the individual so they should ‘keep’ as much of what they earn as possible and that the state breeds dependency. There are lots of ‘grey areas’, for example I would like more localised power and support for individual/small scale ‘entrepeneurship’.

So we’ve had the so-called ‘neoliberal hegemony’ for quite a while now and lets just look at what’s happened with the right’s relieving of state run industry, for example energy. We were promised that privatisation, competition and the ‘rigours’ of the market (sounds vaguely sexual that, no wonder so many tts are into s&m) would lead to lower prices, better service and more responsive industries. Yet we get the opposite: higher prices, worse service, poor planning for the future, lower investment from the companies with the good old state having to pick up the tab (or the suckers like us who actually pay taxes) and of course more opportunity for more kleptos. Oh now I get it, that’s what they tts mean by greater opportunity. And they’re grabbing these tt created ‘opportunities’ and lining their pockets with unbelievable amounts of loot.

But we’re getting so much more choice Duncan, isn’t that a good? Well, no. We have the illusion of choice as it’s between what are essentially more expensive services/goods, that we are now living in times that are so marketised that we are awash with and surrounded by so much bollocks that we’re fearful and boggled. Talking with Mr Hector and how difficult it is to sort out and decide what to do with pensions. The madness of our education system. The sadness of the tts running down our health service. The badness of blaming the poor and unfortunate; only the other day whilst in the dead lion talking about my condition and others who suffer an acquaintance casually  repeats the tt trope about those who cheat the welfare state/benefit system. I agree that some do but the money they blag is as nothing compared to the kleptos and he has no wish to continue the conversation. Such ignorant opinionating shows how effective the tts and kleptos have been in hoodwinking so many.

But I read between the lines say many, often when they are justifying reading right wing rags. Well. I’ve used the biggest magnifying glass I can find and still can’t find anything written ‘between the lines’.

So yesterday we had a bit of role reversal as I went with Kate to Bournemouth Hospital for her cardiac check up. All is well, which is good as Kate was worried. She has ‘ectopic heart beats’, the heart has an atrial node that controls our heart beat but also each heart cell has an individual ability to fire itself, sort of a failsafe mechanism if the main one fails. Pretty incredible our body. Anyway, Kate has the odd heart cell firing every now and then causing the main node to take stock and waiting to get back to a steady beat. The doctor was very good although she was a ‘fellow’, the indignities that women still have to suffer in our sexist world.

And to finish what I started, the latest example of the subsuming of the state to the tts and the kleptos with the sugar study report and Public Health England recommending higher taxes, better labelling, less advertising and the like. All anathema to the kleptos and what is condom features default response?  Fuck the poor, they can just get fat, ill and continue to line the kleptos pockets.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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