Whither the good old BBC with these tts in power?

How ya’ doin’? So we’re sat watching tennis, the Davis Cup final, on a Saturday afternoon. It’s Britain against Belgium, brilliant stuff. Having the nationalist element really adds to the occasion and I’m really getting into it. It’s on BBC1 (with snooker on 2), a Saturday afternoon and feels like a real throwback to pre-murdoch days. Having just had a few days in Manhattan and experiencing their TV it feels even better. One time I flipped through over a dozen channels on my hotel room TV and there were ads playing on every one, I turned it off. There is some good stuff on Yankland TV however I find it hard to watch with such an overwhelming amount of ads. And so much is now fucking fox shit. It all makes watching the good old BBC sweeter. But for how much longer with the tts having it in their evil sights?

And the Murray Boys have just broken les Belges in the fourth set being 2 sets to one up.

Anyway, I had a great time Stateside and it was so very good spending time with my uncle Barry, it was great to see him. I also really enjoyed meeting his good friends Bob, Charlotte, Liam and Rex.

And the Murray Boys have just broken again and Murray Senior is serving for the match. Heady days for British tennis. And the Murray Boys have just won.

It’s Monday now and this blog is spreading over a few days which sort of goes against the typical immediacy of blogging. Perhaps I am experiencing some form of jet lag which is manifesting as blog lag.

Watched Mr Murray win yesterday, why do so many English folk dislike him? Probably their incipient racism fed by the murdoch inspired media. And the nationalist support really began to piss me off with their inane, boorish chanting, but that’s the way we’re being funnelled. I was pretty boorish at a fund raising quiz on Saturday night but I did enjoy emitting a loud boo when nobo’s face came on the screen.

Anyway, I am mainly currently struck by what appears to my fevered brain massive cognitive dissonance which I’m increasingly of the opinion is a symptom of end-stage hyper capitalism (I just made that term up). Examples are everywhere but a couple of the more egregious.

A few years ago we were apparently in the midst of ‘global financial meltdown’ brought about by a relatively few people being extremely greedy, villainous and shameless. It would appear that the response has been to not only continue with the system that brought this situation about but reinforce it and reward the perpetrators even more. All the many billions, if not trillions, of monetary units that went to these kleptos to ‘bail out’ the system paid for by all us taxpaying dupes. Almost all media analysis is given by these kleptos and it is as if we’re in a hall of mirrors and distortion is heaped upon distortion. This is one of the reasons Mister Jeremy is being treated the way he is, and sadly most vitriolically by members of his own team, the so-called ‘moderates’, because he is trying to offer an alternative. The bible for many of the kleptos is a book by one ayn rand called ‘atlas shrugged’ which basically preaches greed is good. Ironically she ended life poor and reliant on state welfare for her medical treatment, much like these kleptos who require state welfare when their ponzi schemes go tits up.

The other current example is the hysteria surrounding responding to isis. condom features is really pissed off because he can’t yet join the ‘big boys club’ and become a war leader and bomb Syria. I think that there is now sufficient evidence that bombing does not achieve it’s purported aims and increases the likelihood of further terrorism. It is so mind bogglingly stupid that one can only surmise that they are doing it deliberately and ‘big brother world’ gets ever nearer.

One looks for some sense amidst this sea of cognitive dissonance and one I’m currently looking at is a book called ‘Trouble in Paradise’ by a Mr Slavoj Zizek. One story he writes of is that after he lost power Gorbachov went to visit Willy Brandt but Brandt refused to see him. The story goes that Mr Willy was pissed off with Gorbachov for the end of soviet Russia, not because he was some sort of communist but that he saw it as the end of the West European Social Democratic welfare state. With no serious threat of an alternative the capitalists feel they have free reign to exploit even more and we have the rise of the kleptos. So we have the tts and s&m osborne so zealously dismantling the welfare state before our eyes.

Anyway, my uncle Barry’s mate Liam puns almost as much as Mr Hector and it would be fun the two of them having a ‘pun off’.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



Instant Justice

Sometimes in life there can be instant justice. This happened just the other evening. On Swanage High Street there is a spot where parked cars on one side mean that it’s effectively a single lane. Driving etiquette gives traffic going into town on the opposite side to the parked cars right of way. We were driving out of town and I stopped before the parked cars as a car was approaching. The driver behind wouldn’t wait, pulled out and drove past us causing the oncoming car to stop. They then pulled into a gap between the parked cars, luckily there was one, to allow the oncoming car to pass.

As I was letting out a few expletives I noticed in the rear view mirror that a police car was now behind us, so the twattish driver had performed his  (for the driver was a man) manoeuvre right in front of a police car. After we drove past the parked cars the policeman (for it was a male police person) put on the blue lights, overtook us and stopped the impatient car driver.

As we drove by the policeman was talking to the twat. Kate and I both smiled, instant justice.

So Kate suggested I contact Martin to see if he wanted to meet up in New York, quite why she thought he might be in the Big Apple bemused me. Anyway, I sent Martin a text and guess where he was? Unfortunately he is returning just before I go out. Weird eh?

Became an art collector this week; bought a local landscape picture by a Paul Janssens. It’s very different to your typical local landscape pictures, I love it, Kate is slowly getting to like it.

Going to cut down on the amount of ‘red’ meat I eat after reading George Monbiot’s piece today. Apparently livestock numbers are increasing twice as fast as human ones. They consume ever increasing amounts of cereals which are and will cause greater human starvation. A recent report suggests meat consumption is “the leading cause of modern species extinction”. All this livestock is producing incredible amounts of waste and this is polluting land, rivers and seas. And they are extremely flatulent, producing more greenhouse gases than all the world’s motorised transport.

As someone writes in the Grauniad today because people wishing to emigrate to Britain need to speak English surely those Brits wishing to emigrate to Spain, Portugal, Greece and so on need to speak the local lingo too. Only fair.

Watched the first episode of London Spy last night, very explicit male gay sex scene, Kate reckoned it to be the most explicit man on man action she’d ever seen on screen.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




There’s a thing I’ve noticed lately amongst young folk and that’s their pre-occupation with judgement, being judged. “You’re judging me”, “Don’t judge me” are regular refrains I hear. It was something I came to relatively late in life, probably around the time of the blackness with my ex-witchwife. At the time I was probably acutely sensitive to being judged and how easily people are judged, too often in ignorant circumstances. We would pass judgement via gossip, print media, TV and radio. Nowadays things are very different and people are judged instantaneously via the plethora of ‘social media’. So youngsters today are probably way more sensitive to being judged. Don’t judge me!

And who’s judgement do we trust? Trust has declined alongside the increase in judging. And it is this that underpins much of the world’s current malaise. An example: poor Mr Jeremy is yet again castigated for attempting to put a case against a ‘shoot to kill’ policy. This reactive judgment will cause a further decline in trust, for which folk will most likely be shot? Which folk are already most likely to be stopped and searched. Which folk now and in the future are most likely to be mistrusted? I experience it myself and I consider myself to be more open and trusting of others than most people. It is those who are different to us, and the most obvious thing is skin colour.

We are rapidly moving into a very dangerous period, martial law and war may not be far away. The benighted citizens of so many Middle Eastern states, African countries, East European and Central Asian countries have been experiencing what Paris experienced last week on an often daily basis. More than ever we need what Mr Bertie Russell advocated a proper world government, how much have we heard from the UN lately? Any sensible or dissenting voices from the prevailing narrative are drowned out by a distorted media and one-eyed national leaders. We look for simplistic answers, don’t allow proper debate, drown out the voices of those who might help guide us.

So goodbye Jonah Lomu, in your brief life you changed the way rugby union was played. I love the commenta Kiwi supporter made: “rugby’s a team game so 14 of you pass to Jonah.”

I’m supposed to be going to New York on Sunday to see my uncle Barry who’s been very supportive over the past year. But he’s got a bad back and is having some sort of crisis and thinks I shouldn’t go. I still will even if I only see him relatively briefly for meals and the like.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Yes we can have a better housing policy in Britain.

So I saw a very personable doctor yesterday who’s doctored me during my crabby stage and in many ways it was my most satisfying appointment to date. Whilst I had my usual anxiety I approached the consultation with a certain equability. For the first time I didn’t allow myself to get too distracted by thoughts of the unpleasant camera down the nose procedure, or apprehensive apprehensions of impending doom. It greatly helped that I only had to wait a few minutes. Also that it was just one of the medical team and, as I mentioned, a personable doctor who’s manner maintained my feelings of ease.

I asked him to use my more capacious left nostril to stick the camera down and even when I began to gag I did not allow it to stop the procedure until the doctor had seen enough. He was pleased and saw no adverse stuff. Spoke about seeing me next in 3 months, but this was amended as I’m due a 6 monthly MRI scan, so next check up in January.

Le docteur also said I’d had my last treatment on Christmas Eve last year and he said Christmas must have been shit, well maybe he didn’t say shit, but the sentiment was there. I said how we were planning to have a good one this year to make up for last year. I even bought some christmassy Scandinavian style decorative pot pourri stuff from Waitrose yesterday, what has come over me?

So poor old Mr Jeremy being berated by all sides, including his own. It is a little worrying that in distressing times like now that any expressions that might be deemed unpatriotic or contrary to the dominant narrative are not allowed to be countenanced. And yet there is a fucking great pachyderm in the room. Only last month condom features, the US government and others were very clearly stating that Russian military intervention in Syria would lead to more extremism and terrorist acts. A Russian airliner was then blown up. Lo and behold there is outrageous horror perpetrated in Paris but anyone who dares to equate Western intervention in Syria, Iraq, Libya and so on with terrorist responses is, like Mr Jeremy, immediately abused and disabused. As Mehdi Hasan writes today our bombs cause a backlash as well, and also: “Yet we avert our gaze from the “glaringly evident” and pretend that “they” – the Russians, the Iranians, the Chinese – are attacked for their policies while “we” –Europe, the west, the liberal democracies – are attacked only for our principles. This is the simplistic fantasy, the geopolitical fairytale, that we tell ourselves. It gives us solace and strength in the wake of terrorist atrocities. But it does nothing to stop the next attack”.http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/17/russian-bombs-terror-vladimir-putin-syria-david-cameron

And an interesting letter from a Jenny Zinovieff about the difference between Paris and London re housing. In Paris they still create ‘social housing’ and really do practice ‘affordable rents and house prices’. For example the city recently purchased a huge site called caserne de Reully in central Paris. It will be developed, retaining the historic buildings with 50%, yes de pfeffel twat face and co that’s about a half, for social housing, 20% managed rentals and the rest market rentals. And guess what? This will allow for a vibrant, diverse community. So there is an alternative to the housing and land based kleptomania of this country.

I’m missing the old format of this wordpress new post writing site, they changed it without asking me just the other day and it may well be ‘better’ but I have to learn new stuff and the word count’s disappeared so I’ve no idea for how long I’ve rambled on.

There is some justice in the kleptopic world as cambian’s share price has plummeted this last month. Means that mr saleem’s stolen shares are now worth about £3m less. Shouldn’t he be sacked, as share price is how ceos are judged? Let’s ‘ask saleem’.

Time for some good old blasphemous Kliban:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Why are my comments still being ‘pre-moderated’ in the Grauniad?

Why have wordpress just changed their format so that us old bloggers are temporarily confused?

Why does humanity continue to perpetrate the same old bollocks?

Why do people vote for the tts?

Why did the first and only time that music led the way in counterculture coincide with the first and only time that England win the world cup?

Why do we listen to middle-aged, privately educated white men?

Why is condom features such a twat?

Why didn’t I look behind me when I was reversing today?

Why, when they felt ripe, did the avocadoes prove unripe when I cut them open today?

Why is being a parent so hard?

Why do those with power behave so badly towards their fellow human beings?

Why does ofsted exist?

Why do I no longer have any faith in sport?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.




Quel horreur

So, I’m listening to the wireless and a ministerial tt, one mr vaizey (st pauls and merton), was talking about tory ineptitude in developing telephonic improvements (it’s such a myth they’ve created about their mastery of economic and business stuff) when he said “we’ll just keep on keeping on”. I was miffed.

Usual English bollocks trying to find a replacement for Stuart Lancaster as England’s head coach. It’s a replacement for the rfu we need. As a Mr Orwell once wrote:  ‘A bomb under the West car park at Twickenham on an international day would end fascism in England for a generation.’

Well, a Ms Paris Lees was on Question Time the other night and very good she was too. She’s a transgender journalist and campaigner and she was sat between two very unpleasant men: tt sajid javed and nuttall of the ukippers. She unsettled them both and it was a joy to watch. She was very tactile and touched them both on their arms a few times, nuttall in particular was very discomfited by this.

So I think I’ve had my first bit of trolling from the jezzabot via twitter with my blog entitled ‘our country can’t survive the evil tories part 2’. I think he simply trolls around finding stuff he thinks is unthinking ‘corbynista’ stuff. Sent him packing with a few bon mots.  I’d forgotten that I’d set up a twitter account in 2010 under the moniker ‘monsieurlesponge’ and I’ve got 3 followers! Jonathan, Gillian and Thomas.

Watched a very good series, Unforgotten, in one hit last night. Like having a box set. One thing that I really liked was that the boss policewoman actually told her team what they had to do in the briefings. So often I watch briefings in which they just go through what’s happened and who’s involved and then they all go off to do what? Would be mildly amusing to have a sketch with them all going off and looking bemused or wandering aimlessly or going to the pub or whatever.

Got my next checkup on Tuesday so the old anxiety levels will start rising. This time last year the effects of treatment were really beginning to kick in. Will update on Wednesday or whenever.

So isis or daish spread their absolute evil. Listened to a young French woman today talk so beautifully and eloquently about Liberty, Liberte. For me she summed up much of what underpins this current war or jihad (western ‘intervention’ notwithstanding). Whilst I have no truck with western style rapacious exploitative capitalism there is relative freedom: of thought, religion, assembly, sexual and speech. isis and significant elements of Islamic folk impose, or attempt to impose, a very rigid, authoritarian and very male system. For example I’ve long thought about the hajib and the burkha and I’m against it, it is men telling women what to wear (I know many Moslem women ‘choose’ to wear it). They are relatively intolerant of other faiths, especially other sects within their own religion! But such has been and is the nature of many religions. But what Islam has not experienced as the other major religions have is a reformation or similar. However various nations respond to isis will probably only increase their power and influence. But perhaps if the rest of the world somehow get the Islamic sects to sort their relationships out through some form of reformation we could then move on to try and sort out all the other shit. Maybe Moslems could do it themselves.  Duncan the peacemaker, what a twat.

And also all this terrorist shit is a good argument against having nuclear weapons. Never mind castigating Mr Jeremy about whether he would ‘press the button’, ask condom features and co when and why they would press the button.

So death has parted us from Warren Mitchell, maybe a similar programme like ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ with an isis character in the lead would show their absurdity, ignorance, racism and bigotry.

Coe must go.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Our country cannot survive the evil tories part 2.

Sixthly the tts are screwing the chances of ever more people having a decent home to live in. Their continuing drive to get rid of council housing, now alongside housing associations being forced to ‘marketise’ their stock. More newspeak with the tts use of the term ‘affordable housing’, it being 80% of ‘market rates’. A mere £400,000+ in London. We have a shared equity mortgage and today I found out that the highest paid executive of the company, a housing association called ‘Places for People’ earns £481,500. Now to my jaundiced eye that heaps immorality upon immorality as those who are supposed to be for the people exploit the people and take the kleptos shilling. Oh how we need a modern day Cicero to rip the kleptos and the tts veils asunder and reveal to all the mendacity, the theft, the dishonour.

Seventhly as the Paris climate change talks approach the ‘greenest ever government’ of condom features cuts back on all of their already paltry ‘green measures’. As they say, so many red warning lights flashing on the climate front. Instead they mortgage our country’s future to the French and Chinese with their dodgy nuclear power stations.

Eigthly (sorry another education one, but it is dear to my heart) they start reintroducing grammar schools. Don’t you worry you grammar school loving folk, the sevenoaks ‘annexe’ won’t be the last, already other places will be preparing to create new ones.

Ninthly the tt lord coe is up to his neck in the latest sporting bag of bollocks. Can we trust any sport? I have my suspicions about the local shove ha’penny league. And with regard to sport, apparently the England rugby kit man recommended a company’s shares to players earlier this year as a sure fire money maker. A number, especially Sam Burgess, bought significant amounts at over £3 a share, they’re now worth around 50p. Now I am surprised that a northern lad of rugby league after spending a little time with the splendidly run rfu of englandshire has already pissed off back to league.

Tenthly, and lastly for now, I grew up reading the likes of Bertrand Russell pontificating on a future where technology reduces the need for manual work and the like, produces all, or most of, our needs and we work less and have more time for leisure and cultural activities. But what do we get with this tt shower? Longer working hours for those in work and demonisation of the ‘skivers and shirkers’. They increase inequality, divide and rule, and offer so little worthy vision of the future.

And people vote for them?

Thanks to my lovely wife for her recent comments on having a female Bond, and I am persuaded that we can, and probably should have a female Bond. The power of discourse.

ooh, I am in a ranty mood this week, for a change. Still the travails of moanrinho bring a smile to my face.

Tried sleeping without a pillow last night as one of the crabby crew said it helped with his sore neck. I hardly slept but will keep trying.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.