Join the People’s Movement

Well what a busy boy I am with no time to write my bigoted bollocks. Had a lunchtime reunion with the crabby crew from the New View last week and Kate was able to meet the others: Roger, Mike and Gordon and we’re all looking much better than we did at the beginning of this year. Also Karen, Mike’s wife was there and it all felt lovely and convivial. The following day we had sax on the beach as we went to Charmouth to meet Kate’s sister Jo and her grandchild Cairo. He’s learning the sax so I took mine down and he played it on the beach, he’s got a saxaphonic future. And the next day to my old stamping ground of Maidstone to visit brother Mark, Pam and Ellie. They’re looking to go back into the pub trade and I offered my services as wine supplier. I can see myself travelling the world to get tasty wines to go with their food. How often do eateries have poor wine lists, or if they have decent wines they’re sold at a kleptonic mark up?

Writing of kleptonic mark ups see the cambian share price has taken a significant mark down in recent weeks as profits aren’t going to be as much as forecast. This cambian lot are taking advantage of the tts continuing privatisation of the NHS and will continue to make private profits from the public purse. They will of course take full advantage of the tts continuing the pathetic ‘race to the bottom’ by continuing to reduce corporation tax. They’re probably none too happy with s&m osborne’s ‘living wage’ chicanery. Even at the proposed £9 by 2020 it is still not a wage you can live on, certainly if you want to live in your own home and support a family. So cambian are already preparing to hike their charges to their ‘customers’ to pay the ‘living wage increases’. Their ‘customers’ are the various health and education authorities who place their patients and young folk in their hospitals and schools, all taxpayers money. Currently cambian is not a ‘living wage’ employer. I wonder how much of the increased charges will actually make it’s way into employee’s pockets beyond statutory increases? Not quite as much as cambian’s ceo has snaffled in shares recently, only around £9 million, although that’s taken a tumble with the recent share price plunge.

Maybe local authorities who have contracts with private companies can take a leaf out of increasing numbers of American authorities who only award contracts to companies who pay decent wages. And maybe workers at cambian and other workplaces can join the newly formed Citizen UK’s People’s Movement : and organise for themselves.

Tomorrow I go the school for my official goodbye, feels a bit weird. Must behave myself with my ‘goodbye speech’.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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