Cold Finger

I’ve been castigated, quite rightly, by Kate’s Kiwi chum for not mentioning the stunning All Black performance. Perhaps my crabbiness has slightly opened my other eye as I really enjoyed the game and fully appreciated how good this All Black team are. Like many others I wanted the underdog Aussies to win but the New Zealanders were too good and I saw none of their dark arts. It was easily the best final yet, too often finals are between two teams just desperate to get over the final hurdle. Certainly the last final was. I know it’s probably a forlorn hope but I sincerely wish that English rugby will really learn from this and put in place the necessary structure. But with the twats we have in charge I don’t believe that they have the intelligence, bravery or honour to do the right thing. Much like most of the twats we have running, and just by changing one letter to ruining, our country.

Went to see Sceptre yesterday, as ever good escapist fun. In many ways Mr Craig is the best Bond as he is knowingly aware of the preposterousness of such a character in the modern world. And being of an occasionally melancholic nature I recognise the melancholy he and the director Mr Mendes have brought to the latest offerings. James Bond, like many of the privileged twats we have in the higher echelons of our society, are out of time. The difference is Craig’s Bond knows this. Spoiler alert: the film finishes with him driving off with the ‘girl’ in his old Aston Martin.

Kate and I discussed the possibility of having a female Bond and who would make the best choice? Noomi Rapace, Rachel Weisz (keeping it in the family) or Indira Varma? Thing is, as a Mr Jens Wuerfel opines, if the Bond franchise is to continue as it has done then he can only be a man. His killer piece of analysis is that Bond operates by ‘intruding and penetrating’ all and sundry. The women, his enemies always allow him into their lairs which he then destroys and he uses all his team mates with his intrusive demands. So for a female Bond there would need to be a very different approach and then she wouldn’t really be Bond.

But a black Bond? It’s been discussed for many years with Idris Elba the latest candidate. But as Eldridge Cleaver wrote many years ago: “The ‘paper tiger’ hero, James Bond, offering the whites a triumphant image of themselves, is saying what many whites want desperately to hear reaffirmed: ‘I am still the White Man, lord of the land, licensed to kill, and the World is still an empire at my feet.'” So too many white folk would not want or allow it.

Anyway, I’m off to get ready to go to school for the last time for my ‘leaving do’. Feels pretty weird and I will try my best to be gracious and humble.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Cold Finger

  1. So I’ve been goaded, just like you knew I would be. It was a bit harsh, it wasn’t that I couldn’t be arsed, it was because I have discourse with you every day!! Anyway, suitably goaded, here I go. I think there absolutely could be a female Bond, stick to the name, for those who will find it extremely challenging to have a woman going around the world shagging, shooting and supping, Jane Bond. In answer to Mr Jens Wuerfel ‘analysis’, why the hell not? Women, a lot of women, and for those who have known me a long time….. enjoy attachment free sex, would get a total buzz from leaping out of aeroplanes, chasing baddies across mountains in skis, and I must say I don’t mind a martini, I couldn’t care less if it is shaken or stirred!!! Society’s image of how women should behave, even other women passing that judgement, so so so tedious. The character of Lisbeth Salander, she would be great. You do need to have the character carrying on with the formula, because it works, its the action and excitement of the Bond franchise that makes it, that makes old hairy feminists like me want to keep going to see them. And I know I am not alone, in being an old hairy feminist, or being an old hairy feminist that likes Bond. One of my sisters will agree and the other totally disagree with this ramble, both of whom are old hairy feminists!! Ha ha, there goes my christmas presents! But isn’t that whats its all about, discourse, ha ha ha.


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