It’s official: private school students are more stupid.

So, had my ‘leaving do’ from Purbeck View School last Monday. They put on a good show and I was moved and humbled. Mike sang his now obligatory song; he takes songs and modifies the words, this time using Swing Low and incorporating keep on keeping on and judicious bollocks. Sophie made a sweet speech and they gave me some thoughtful presents: a Mr Jeremy t-shirt, stylish decanter and a large fire pit. So when our new patio is done we’ll have a wintry evening around the fire drinking red wine whilst singing the Red Flag.

My fitness regime has expanded from weekly pool as yesterday I had my first ever golf lesson. I’ve played for well over 30 years and have developed a peculiar, individual swing. The golf-pro, despite some halitosis, did well and significantly improved my swing in just half an hour. I’ve applied already for the seniors tour and watch out Mr Brydsen.

Have been experiencing more neck pain this week. How easily we become complacent as I’ve become somewhat distracted with spending my pension to brighten up our abode, our appearances, our cultural life and not thought about my condition. Heard a great song by Kenny Rogers of all people the other day: Just Dropped In (to see what condition my condition was in) – very psychedelic man. Alongside my neck ache my salivary glands seem to be working overtime,or what’s left of them, and there are all sorts of tastual things going on in my mouth. a little bit weird but raises the old anxiety levels. So what is the best response to all this: up the distraction stuff, go with the anxieties and accept the possibility of further crabby episodes or develop my Zen and take up t’ai chi?

I love George Monbiot’s writing and he came up with another of his ‘state of the world’ pieces this week: ‘The gathering financial storm is just one effect of corporate power unbound’

The tory twats (and other politicos like new labour) are in the capacious pockets of these corporate kleptos and the merest hint of any regulation or curtailing of their increasing kleptomania is dismissed and/or derided. So many current examples. A ‘sugar tax’? No says chief tt condom cameron immediately, no reasoned discussion except that of ‘personal responsibility’ whilst he presides over an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, rotten teeth and other bollocks. And sadly the media and many other folk repeat the mantra and how they want ‘choice’ alongside their ‘personal responsibility’. Trouble is, as with so many areas of modern life, it’s ill-informed ‘choice’. Such irony in our age of so much knowledge available from a few taps on a keyboard or screen. Just as the kleptos want it so they can keep on screwing us and the world. Actually it’s not just ironic but also another example of the massive cognitive dissonance that afflicts us all to a greater or lesser extent.

So, 20 years ago anyone who communicated solely via a keyboard was labelled disabled, now they’re called teenagers. Knicked this from a bloke who’s just written an inspiring book about autism.

So, governments eschew regulation at the kleptos behest, ‘cos the market knows best and the ‘invisible hand’ of the kleptos grabs ever more loot. The RSPB commissioned a report for the first global review of self-regulation by corporations. Surprisingly 82% of 161 schemes assessed failed. Surprising to me that as many as 18% succeeded.

So, private school students are more stupid than others as the latest research finds that students from state schools do better at university than those from private schools:

And yet privately educated folk dominate so many of our institutions. And oxbridge twats like harry mount and martin amis have a go at Labour and Mr Jeremy.

Time for another Kliban to encapsulate modern futility:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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